Can median be calculated with unequal class sizes?

With example that if there are unequal class intervals in a series, then the median will be same without matching the equal class intervals. Calculation of median without adjusting the class-intervals. The value of 30th item lies in 30-60 class interval. Then we see that the median is same by the both method.

How do you find the median in case of unequal class intervals?

The presence of unequal class intervals does not pose any problem for the calculation of median. So, the calculation of median remains the same as in equal class intervals. Here, l₁ represents the lower limit of the median class.

Can mode be calculated for grouped data with unequal class sizes justify your answer?

YES. we calculate height of the class interval by dividing the frequency by that class width. That class which has the maximum height will be the modal class, containing the mode.

How do you find the median class for grouped data?

To find the median class, we have to find the cumulative frequencies of all the classes and n/2. After that, locate the class whose cumulative frequency is greater than (nearest to) n/2. The class is called the median class. After finding the median class, use the below formula to find the median value.

How do you find the mean of unequal classes?

First of all we will find the class marks of each interval with equal to lower limit + upper limit divided by 2. Then we will multiply the frequencies with their respective class marks. Will will add all these products and divide them by the total frequency. We get the mean.

Should size class intervals be equal or unequal?

Class intervals (lengths) should be equal. Intervals such as 0.1, 0.2, 0.5, 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, etc are desirable. The starting point for each class should be divisible by the interval, For example, in the class 15 – 20, the starting point, 15, is divisible by the interval, 5.

How do you find the mean of unequal class intervals?

How do you make an unequal class interval equal in mode?

When class intervals are unequal, we take Frequency Density on Y axis. Based on this find the tallest class interval and follow the regular method of joining top corners of tallest column to the top corners of the opposite adjacent columns. The X-coordinate of Intersection point would give value of Mode.

Can median class and model class always be different?

The median class and modal class of grouped data is not always different, it depends on the data given.

What is the median class in statistics?

The class whose cumulative frequency is greater than and near to N/2 is called the median class of grouped data.

What is median grouped data?

What is the Median of Grouped Data? Median of grouped data is the data formed in a frequency distribution table in ascending order with the values being continuous. Median is considered as the middle value of any data with values in an even or odd manner.

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