What is a 1972 Olympic coin worth?

Most of these coins are unremarkable, and are worth only their silver value of 0.311 troy ounces. At $30 US dollars per troy ounce, that’s about 0.311 x 30 = $9 US dollars.

Which country won the 1972 Olympics?

The Soviet Union won the most gold and overall medals. The Olympic Park (Olympiapark) is based on Frei Otto’s plans and after the Games became a Munich landmark….1972 Summer Olympics.

Emblem of the 1972 Summer Olympics
Host city Munich, Bavaria, West Germany
Motto The Cheerful Games (German: Heitere Spiele)
Nations 121

What happened at the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich Germany?

Tragedy struck the 1972 Olympics in Munich when eight Palestinian terrorists invaded the Olympic Village on September 5 and killed two members of the Israeli team. Nine other Israelis were held hostage as the terrorists bargained for the release of 200 Palestinian prisoners in Israel.

Was 1972 an olympic year?

August 26, 19721972 Summer Olympics / Start date

How much is a 1972 Deutsche mark worth?

My collection

1972 D $ 0.55
1972 F $ 0.37
1972 G $ 0.65
1972 J $ 0.53

What are 1976 Canadian Olympic coins worth?

Montreal Olympic Coins, 1973-1976

Description Mintage BU
Series V 1975 – $10 Sailing Incl. Above 70.00
Series V 1975 – Complete Set of All 4 Coins From Series V Incl. Above 205.00
Series VI 1976 – $5 Fencing 3,775,259 35.00
Series VI 1976 – $5 Boxing Incl. Above 35.00

How many people died in 1972 Olympics?

The victims of the terror attack at the Munich Olympics have been remembered during Tokyo’s opening ceremony, the first time in nearly half a century. A moment’s silence commemorated the 11 Israeli athletes killed by Palestinian gunmen in 1972.

How many died in Black September?

The crisis precipitated by Black September at the 1972 Munich Olympic Games led to the deaths of 11 Israelis and a police officer. Learn more about the event in this video.

What are the 1972 Olympics known as?

The Munich Olympics opened on August 26, 1972, with 195 events and 7,173 athletes representing 121 countries.

What is the value of a 5 deutsche mark coin?

If you can find a 1958F 5 mark, these catalog around $150 in well preserved condition. A 1958J is quite rare, tipping the scales at $2500 well preserved.

Are German marks still valid?

Deutsche Mark banknotes were issued by the Deutsche Bundesbank. They became obsolete in 2002 when they were replaced by the Euro. D-Marks are no longer a valid means of payment in Germany.


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