How do I pronounce Culzean?

Culzean: It’s not pronounced Cull-zeen Castle but Cull-ane Castle.

How do you pronounce Mo Shíorghrá?

With Valentine’s day coming up this weekend its fitting that we look at words related to love, a popular expression is mo shíorghrá which means my eternal love. It is pronounced muh-heer-grawh, mo meaning my, shior means eternal and ghra is love.

How do you pronounce Loch Avon?

A famous example is Loch Avon and the River Avon, both pronounced A’an, which were incorrectly recorded by the first map-makers in the area, and another is Bridge of Brown which actually derives from Drochaid Bhruthainn (Drochitch VROON) meaning ‘Bridge of Boiling Water’.

How is Culross pronounced?

Culross is pronounced “Coo-riss”, Milngavie is “Mull-guy”, and “Edinburgh” can be either “Edinburruh” or “Edinbruh” depending on your allegiances, but never, ever “Edinburro”.

How do you pronounce Mo Chara?

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  1. How to say “Friend” in Irish Gaelic.
  2. cara. /kor-ah/ friend.
  3. a chara. /ah khor-ah/ My friend! /
  4. mo chara. /muh khor-ah/ my friend (never used as a form of address)
  5. cairde. /kor-jeh/ friends.
  6. comrádaí /kum-raw-dee/ friend, comrade, pal, mate.
  7. comrádaithe. /kum-raw-de-ha/

How do you pronounce Mo Ghra?

Is tú mo ghrá (pronounced Is too moh graw) – This translates as ‘you are my love’ Word for word, it is ‘are you my love,’ but it is not a question.

How do you pronounce Ben macdui?

Ben Macdui — been macDOOi — Hill of Macduff. The highest hill in the Cairngorms and the second highest in the UK. Braeriach — bry REEach — The brindled upland. The first syllable is generally prounounced as ‘bray’, but — properly — is ‘bry’.

How do you spell Cairngorms in Scotland?

The Cairngorms (Scottish Gaelic: Am Monadh Ruadh) are a mountain range in the eastern Highlands of Scotland closely associated with the mountain Cairn Gorm.

What does Dal mean in Scottish place names?


Place-Name Element: dal–
Meaning: 1. Brittonic dol ‘haugh, holm’
2. Brittonic dol ‘church-land’
3. Gaelic dail ‘haugh, holm’
4. Scots dale ‘share, portion’

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