How much does it cost to join Qatar Airways Privilege Club?

free to
Privilege Club is the frequent flyer program of Qatar Airways. The program is free to join and allows members to earn miles and elite status, as well as redeem miles for an award flight. You can qualify for elite status by earning the required number of Qpoints for each tier.

How can I get Qatar Privilege Card?

Upon registering for a Privilege Club account, you will receive a digital membership card. You can also view your digital card online. You can earn Avios when you travel on Qatar Airways, our airline Partners or use the services of any of our non-air partners.

What are the benefits of Privilege Club Qatar Airways?

Depending on your membership level, Privilege Club members enjoy a range of exclusive benefits such as tier bonus, priority check-in and boarding, extra baggage allowance, unlimited lounge access, to mention a few. All benefits are applicable only when travelling on Qatar Airways.

How do I become a silver member in Qatar?

The only way to reach Privilege Club Silver is to fly with Qatar Airways, a Oneworld partner airline, its subsidiaries, or in some specific cases a non-Oneworld member airline and accrue miles. To achieve Privilege Club Silver status with miles, you need 150 Qpoints. 270 Qpoints within a 24 month period.

How do I add a family member to my Qatar Airways Privilege Club?

To nominate a family member, log in to your membership account, select “My Profile” from your dashboard menu and “My Family” from the tab menu. Uncheck the “I don’t want to add a family member right now” box and click on “Add Family Member” to nominate your family member.

How much do Q points cost?

Cost per Qpoint is US$25. Platinum, Gold and Silver members can buy Qpoints to retain their tier. Gold, Silver and Burgundy members can buy Qpoints to upgrade to the next tier.

How can I join Qatar Airways?

To apply for a job, simply fill out a Qatar Airways application online or at a recruiting event. How you apply depends partially on the career you want to pursue. Through the company site, applicants can save specific jobs and view openings for positions worldwide.

How many Qpoints do you need to renew silver?

150 Qpoints
To upgrade to Silver Earn 150 Qpoints within any 12-month period.

How do I upgrade my Privilege Club in Qatar?

To upgrade or retain your Privilege Club membership tier you need Qpoints. You will earn Qpoints on any flight marketed and operated by Qatar Airways or any oneworld member airline. You will however not earn Qpoints with airline partners outside of oneworld.

Can kids join Qatar Privilege Club?

The minimum age for enrolment as main member into Privilege Club will be 18 years. This means that any person above 18 years of age will be able to have their own membership account access, earn and redeem Avios and lots more.

What is the difference between Qpoints and qmiles?

What is the difference between Qmiles, Qcredits and Qpoints? Qmiles are earned from flying and are used for upgrades and redemptions, Qpoints are tier points which you need to gain status and Qcredits are earned by Gold & Platinum members which can then use them for upgrades, award booking fees and excess luggage.

Do Q points expire?

Membership tier is valid for 12 months. At the end of this tier validity period, Qpoints earned in last 12 months and 24 months will be considered to evaluate if your membership tier can be renewed. A new feature has been introduced whereby the tier renewal criteria will be lower than the tier upgrade criteria.

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