What do Qube Logistics do?

Qube Logistics provides complete logistics services incorporating road and rail transport, warehousing and distribution, container parks and related services, intermodal logistics hubs including rail terminals and global services incorporating procurement, freight forwarding, import and export services.

Is Qube a good company?

Well structured and friendly job environment QUBE Logistics provided a great learning opportunity. I experienced a different aspect of logistics and forklift operations. From an employee’s point of view it was a very good company and workplace to be a part of.

Where is Qube based?

Qube Holdings

Type Public
Headquarters Sydney , Australia
Key people Paul Digney (Managing Director) Allan Davies (Chairman)
Revenue $1.7 billion (2019)
Net income $181 million (2019)

How many trucks has Qube?

Qube Logistics currently runs 50 locomotives and 860 rail wagons, with more equipment on order. Our road transport operations are supported by 876 prime movers and a 1,593 strong trailer fleet.

What does Qube stand for?

Acronym. Definition. QUBE. Quick Understanding of Block Extrusion (gaming)

How many employees does Qube have?

We operate in over 135 locations across Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia with a workforce of over 7,000 employees. Qube is comprised of two business units: Operating Division and the Property Division.

What is Qube software?

Qube PM is an industry leading real estate software application that provides a complete end to end property management solution for over 500 organisations.

How big is Qube?

Qube is Australia’s largest integrated provider of import and export logistics services with a market capitalisation in excess of $6.087 billion as at 30 June 2021. We operate in over 135 locations across Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia with a workforce of over 7,000 employees.

Who created Qube?

Joanna Rutkowska (born 1981 in Warsaw) is a Polish computer security researcher, primarily known for her research on low-level security and stealth malware, and as founder of the Qubes OS security-focused desktop operating system.

What is MRI software used for?

MRI Software offers property management and accounting software for multi-family residential and commercial property, retail, office, and corporate real estate applications.

How old is Qube?

QUBE was an experimental two-way, multi-programmed cable television system that played a significant role in the history of American interactive television. It was launched in Columbus, Ohio, on December 1, 1977.

How many employees does MRI software have?

MRI Software

Type Private
Headquarters Cleveland, Ohio , USA
Products Property Management Software Real Estate Accounting Software Investment Management Software
Number of employees 3,000
Website http://www.mrisoftware.com

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