What should I write in my YouTube description?

17 tips for writing YouTube descriptions

  • Be specific.
  • Do keyword research.
  • Use searchable keywords.
  • Know how to use keywords.
  • Know where to use your keywords.
  • Track which keywords work for you.
  • Find out what else your audience is watching.
  • Offer value.

What is a good description for a YouTube video?

Just like Google, the YouTube algorithm uses keywords to rank videos in search results. Your description should be at least 250 words and give users enough information on what your video is about. Choose your main focus keyword and add them 2-3 times in your description.

How do you do description on YouTube 2021?

How to write a great description for a YouTube channel?

  1. Keep the beginning brief but information-rich.
  2. Pay attention to the first 25 words.
  3. Find keywords/keyword phrases in YouTube searching suggest.
  4. Announce your topic and video type.
  5. Upload a video schedule.
  6. Remember the call-to-action.

Do hashtags work YouTube?

Hashtags are keywords preceded by a # symbol. Hashtags allow creators to easily connect their content with other videos that share the same hashtag on YouTube. They also allow viewers to quickly find similar content that shares the same hashtag.

What is a YouTube title?

What are YouTube titles? Titles are the names of your YouTube videos and they are mandatory in order to post anything on YouTube. This means that you can’t post a YouTube video without a title. They vary in length and are extremely important.

What is the positive effect of YouTube?

Also, some YouTube videos increase awareness of social issues (such as bullying, suicide and LGBT issues), allow broadened social contact (especially important for the elderly or mobility-impaired), and overcome stereotypes of minorities and minority viewpoints.

How long should YouTube descriptions be?

1,000 characters
First things first: According to Google, the official character limit for YouTube video descriptions is 1,000 characters. And while it’s okay to use all of that space, remember that your viewer most likely came here to watch a video, not to read an essay.

What should I put on YouTube to avoid copyright?

Copyright disclaimer under Section 107 of the Copyright Act: This disclaimer appears on content (commonly YouTube videos) that uses someone else’s copyrighted content. Including this statement of “fair use” helps protect against copyright infringement claims.

Do tags on YouTube get more views?

That said, hashtags aren’t going to magically result in more views. In fact, YouTube has warned that hashtags are not a guarantee for success. In other words: hashtags have the potential to help you get more views. But they’re not going to overcome other key factors in the YouTube algorithm (like Audience Retention).

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