What does predeceased by her parents mean?

: to die before (another person) when the child predeceases the parent.

What does predeceased mean in a will?

Predecease means either to die before another person does, or to fail to survive another person. It is significant within the field of estates and trusts law when someone who is intended to be included as a beneficiary in a will predeceases the person drafting that will, the testator.

What does predeceased by his father mean?

Preceded in Death vs. The term “predeceased” has the same meaning as “preceded in death.” You could say that the subject of the obituary was predeceased by his parents, and it would be perfectly correct.

What does predeceased by her husband mean?

Meaning of predeceased in English to die before someone else: Her husband predeceased her by five years. SMART Vocabulary: related words and phrases. Death and dying.

What does issue of a predeceased child mean?

The term is usually used in matters concerning wills and contracts. Conditions are created by inserting the term predeceased to convey that if a person dies before someone else, that persons rights would pass on to the other person. For example the term can be used as: His eldest son predeceased him.

Who is predeceased legal heir?

Father and mother. Brothers and sisters (other than half brothers and sisters) lineal descendants of such of them as shall have predeceased the intestate. Paternal and maternal grandparents. Children of paternal and maternal grandparents and the lineal descendants of such of them as have predeceased the intestate.

What’s another way to say passed away?

What is another word for passed away?

died expired
perished croaked
deceased departed
succumbed flatlined
went gone

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