What does an offeree mean?

Legal Definition of offeree : one to whom an offer is made a unilateral contract consists of a promise on the part of the offeror and performance of the requisite terms by the offeree — Kloss v.

Who is called an offeree?

DEFINITIONS1. a person who receives an offer from somebody. The person offering is called the offeror. Article 16 sets out the conduct of the offeree that constitutes acceptance and the moment at which an acceptance is effective.

Who is called offeror?

Definition of offerer 1 : one that offers : one that makes an offer or an offering offerer of a bribe offerer of a sacrifice. 2 now usually offeror : one that communicates an offer (as of purchase) to another offeror and offeree have agreed on terms of the contract.

What is promisor and promisee?

There are at least two parties to a contract, a promisor, and a promisee. A promisee is a party to which a promise is made and a promisor is a party which performs the promise.

What is another word for offeror?

In this page you can discover 4 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for offeror, like: offerer, offeree, assignor and chargee.

When can an offeror become an offeree?

A person can be an offeror and then become the offeree. This happens when the offeror’s offer is rejected and the offeree makes a counter-offer (or counter-proposal). For example, John makes an offer to renovate Suzy’s kitchen for $5,000 (John is the offeror and Suzy is the offeree).

When can offeror become an offeree?

What is the difference between offeror and offeree?

The offeror is the party who makes the offer. The offeree is the person who either accepts or does not accept the offer.

What is offeree in law?

(ɒfəˈriː ) law, finance. the person who receives an offer.

Is Promisor and offeror same?

The offeror, by having the duty, is the promisor. A promisor is the party who makes the promise. The offeree, by having the right, is the promisee. A promisee is the party to whom a promise is made.

What is Section 2e?

‘Agreement’ has been defined by Section 2(e) of the ICA as “Every promise and every set of promises, forming the consideration for each other, is an agreement”.

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