How do I join Columbus Crew Academy?

The club holds no open tryouts and eligible players will likely only be contacted and invited for a trial with the club. Also, Players identified through the club’s scouting network are invited to trials in Columbus. Columbus Crew also hosts invitation-only Recruitment Events to identify the best players.

How do I contact the Columbus Crew?

Contact Us For questions and more information please call 614.447. 2739 or

What is Columbus Crew Academy?

Columbus Crew Academy is a fully-funded, free-to-play professional academy, overseen by Crew President & General Manager Tim Bezbatchenko, and led by Academy Director Kelvin Jones.

Who coaches Columbus Crew?

Caleb Porter
Caleb Porter (born February 18, 1975) is an American soccer coach who is the head coach of Major League Soccer club Columbus Crew.

Where is the Columbus Crew Stadium located? FieldColumbus Crew / Arena/Stadium

How long does an MLS game last?

90 minutes
How long is a MLS soccer game? In Major League Soccer, matches last 90 minutes divided into halves of forty-five minutes just like international leagues like FIFA. There’s a break from play called halftime that requires a break from play for 15 minutes. Finally, stoppage time is added onto the game clock for each half.

Is MLS professional soccer?

Major League Soccer (MLS) is a men’s professional soccer league sanctioned by the United States Soccer Federation, which represents the sport’s highest level in the United States.

How much does DC United Academy cost?

How much does DC United Academy cost? Unlike other teams, the cost of joining DC United Academy varies as per the age grade. DC United Academy price are as follows, U-14s cost $2,500, U-16 and U-18s pay $1,500.

Where has Caleb Porter coached?

Portland TimbersCaleb Porter / Team coached (Association football manager, 2013–2017)

Is the Crew stadium enclosed?

Every seat is covered by a 220,000-square foot canopy, which should protect fans from rain and keep the stadium sounding loud. They’re supposedly as close to the field as MLS will allow — as much as 28 feet closer than at Historic Crew Stadium.

Can you tour the new Crew Stadium?

The 5,000-square-foot brew hall in the south will offer open views to the entrance plaza and Columbus’ dynamic downtown. When complete, the new stadium will feature more than 10 times the number of premium seats as that in Mapfre Stadium, including field-level seats and lounges. This is a hard hat tour.

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