Can I intern with the UN?

The hardest path is an internship in the Secretariat—the political arm of the UN. These are strictly limited to graduate students only, and generally go through the Department of Human Resources, .

Does the UN pay their interns?

The U.N. does have the money to pay interns, Richards of the U.N. Geneva Staff Council says, but it is banned from paying by the General Assembly, in part because of concerns that so many interns are from developed countries.

How do I get an internship at the ICJ?

To apply for an internship, candidates are requested to submit their curriculum vitae along with a covering letter for the attention of the Registrar to [email protected].

What should I study if I want to work for the UN?

To work for the United Nations, you should study a masters degree in a relevant subject. The best degree subjects to choose for a career in the UN include international relations, humanitarian action, development studies and peace and conflict studies.

How hard is it to get a UN internship?

Internships in the United Nations are competitive and can be difficult to get. Reported success rates of internship applications to the UN are less than 10%. Interning at the UN is very prestigious and, with applicants from all over the world, securing an internship at the UN can be a challenge.

How can I work for the UN?

  1. Competitive and relevant CV.
  2. Masters or PhD Degree: For professional category.
  3. Minimum 2-3 years Experience in development sector.
  4. Strong professional networking skills.
  5. Strong English language skills and preferably knowledge of official UN language.
  6. Ambition and Perseverance and lot of luck.

How can I work in ICJ?

Staff in the Professional category have international expertise in a particular aspect of the Court’s work. The minimum requirements are described in each vacancy announcement and include a University degree, proficiency in either English or French, and a good working knowledge of the other.

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