Is Piaget a luxury watch brand?

Since 1874, Piaget has been crafting luxury watches and luxury jewelry treasures by blending a jeweler’s refinement with its watchmaking sophistication.

Is Piaget a good watchmaker?

Once the branding began, Piaget became known for making some of the most luxurious slimline dress watches in the world. In fact, Piaget has long been considered one of the best slimline watchmakers around, and it still is today.

Are Piaget watches worth it?

Piaget watches has one of the best reputations in the luxury watch world. Just about every expert agrees that they manufacture excellent timepieces and deliver a substantial amount of value in each of their products.

What are Piaget watches known for?

The Piaget brand is synonymous with luxury and gorgeous finery. Since its establishment in 1874, Piaget has become extremely famous for their opulent jewelry and high-end timepieces, especially their jewelry watches. Piaget currently offers eight timepiece collections, all of which Luxury Bazaar carries.

What country is Piaget?

Piaget SA

Type Subsidiary
Founded 1874
Founder Georges Edouard Piaget
Headquarters Geneva , Switzerland
Number of locations Stores in 80 countries. All parts are made in Switzerland

Where is Piaget watch made?

However, it wasn’t until 1943 that the Piaget brand name was registered and the company commenced signing all its movements with its nomenclature, making it a manufacturer of complete watches. Today, Piaget has a modern, state of the art production facility in Plan-les-Ouates on the outskirts of Geneva.

Does Piaget make their own movements?

Piaget is one of the rare watch brands to design, develop and produce its own movements. Long before it created its own watches, the company founded in 1874 had already acquired a solid reputation for its calibers.

Where are Piaget watches made?

Is Piaget a good jewelry brand?

Since introducing its first jewelry collection in the ’60s, Piaget has climbed its way to the top. Now recognized as one of the top luxury jewelry designers in the world, Piaget has an extensive archive of breathtaking jewelry collections.

Was Jean Piaget married?

Valentine ChâtenayJean Piaget / Spouse (m. 1923–1980)

How many watches does Piaget?

200 different watches
Piaget is only displaying approximately 200 different watches in their catalog.

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