How do you define an object class in Scala?

Declaring Objects (Also called instantiating a class) But the values of those attributes, i.e. the state are unique for each object. A single class may have any number of instances. In Scala, an object of a class is created using the new keyword.

What is the difference between Scala object and class?

Difference Between Scala Classes and Objects Definition: A class is defined with the class keyword while an object is defined using the object keyword. Also, whereas a class can take parameters, an object can’t take any parameter. Instantiation: To instantiate a regular class, we use the new keyword.

What is a singleton object in Scala?

Instead of static keyword Scala has singleton object. A Singleton object is an object which defines a single object of a class. A singleton object provides an entry point to your program execution. If you do not create a singleton object in your program, then your code compile successfully but does not give output.

What does object mean in Scala?

In Scala, an object is a named instance with members such as fields and methods. An object and a class that have the same name and which are defined in the same source file are known as companions.

What is an object class?

In computer programming, the object class refers to a class created to group various objects which are instances of that class. Classes are code templates for creating objects. In cases where objects need to be grouped in a certain way, an object class is the “container” for a set of objects built on these templates.

What is object class and name some object class methods?

Methods of Object class

Method Description
public int hashCode() returns the hashcode number for this object.
public boolean equals(Object obj) compares the given object to this object.
protected Object clone() throws CloneNotSupportedException creates and returns the exact copy (clone) of this object.

What is relation between class and object?

A class acts as a blue-print that defines the properties, states, and behaviors that are common to a number of objects. An object is an instance of the class. For example, you have a class called Vehicle and Car is the object of that class.

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