How do I change the datatype of a field in Crystal Report?

To set field default formatting, select File, Options from the menu bar and click the Fields tab. Field formats are set based on the field type you select. There are five field types: String, Number, Currency, Date, and Boolean.

What does ToText mean in Crystal Reports?

The ToText function can be used to convert number, date, boolean, or time values to a string (text). It provides you with controls that let you control how the resulting string looks.

How do I sum a string field in Crystal Report?

  1. Create A New Formula Field (lets say name is ‘abc’)
  2. Convert your string column to number in this field like so (ToNumber({tablename.yourfield})
  3. Then create a new Running Total. In this field Select Sum(abc) and place this Running total where you want.

How do you remove 00 in Crystal Reports?

Right-click on the field or formula. Select Format Field. On the Number tab, choose the format to use from the list or click Customize to create a custom format. Click OK.

What is crystal format?

Crystal Reports is a business intelligence application used to create custom reports from a variety of data sources. The package includes the major features needed for a business to create a database reporting environment, such as data access, report design/formatting, report viewing, and application integration.

How do I remove commas from numbers in Crystal Reports?

In the crystal report designer view: Right mouse click on that field, and select Format object . Select Custom Style in the Style list, and click Customize . Untick Thousands Separator , and any other unwanted formatting.

How do you round off numbers in Crystal Report?

It is very simple, just select the field to which you want to show two decimal places. Right click on the field go to format field–>go to number tab –>click on customize–>then in Decimal select “1.0”. Show activity on this post.

How is date written in Crystal Report formula?

In Details Section (i.e., search your date field), then right click on it and select New Formatting Formula. In this window, select Display String and press Use Editor Button. Type ToText(CDate({TableName. FieldName}), “dd-MMM-yy”) in formula Editor window.

How do you right align text in Crystal Reports?

Make sure that the “Formatting” toolbar is visible by going to the View menu and selecting Toolbars and making sure that it is checked. On the Formatting toolbar is a set of alignment buttons – Align left, Align center, Align right, Justify. Select the formula on your report and click on the Align right button.

How do I create a report in Crystal Reports?

Now, follow the steps for creating a Crystal Report.

  1. Create a table in the database.
  2. Create a VIEW in your database to display employee data information.
  3. Go to Visual Studio.
  4. Go to the Solution Explorer and right-click on your project name and seelct Add -> New Item.
  5. Add New Item-> Crystal Report.
  6. Click the Ok Button.

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