What is a Bushknife?

Bushcraft knives are a subset of survival knives that are used for the smaller, more delicate tasks in the wilderness. Such duties include making traps, skinning small game, or getting a fire started. Bushcraft knives are also suited for rope trimming, wood carving, and tree limb cutting.

What kind of knife does Joe Robinet use?

The Scout model is a collaboration knife between Adventure Sworn and Joe Robinet.

What is a Woodlore knife?

The Woodlore Knife Pro, designed by Ray and evolved from the original, is a stunning tool for professionals, hand-made by the revered British knife maker Emberleaf Workshops. The uncompromised quality of materials used to make this remarkable knife are matched by bladesmiths Dean and Joel’s skill, care and experience.

What is a Kephart knife?

In the book, “Camping and Woodcraft”, Kephart describes the ultimate knife that we would now call a “bushcraft knife”, and states that it was “of his own design” and that it was, “made by a country blacksmith, and is one of the homeliest things I ever saw; but it has outlived in my affections the score of other knives …

Why do I need a survival knife?

A survival knife is used for fire building, shelter building, chopping, batoning, prying, hammering, spearing dinner and dozens of other tasks. You don’t want to damage a fine hunting knife by using it for survival chores. The best survival knife will be a strong, full tang, fixed blade knife.

Why does Ray Mears dislike Bear Grylls?

Survivalist Ray Mears has slammed the tips of rival Bear Grylls – claiming the adventurer is only interested in ‘showmanship’. Mears, 52, revealed he does not watch the programmes of Grylls – which he labelled as ‘entertainment’ – as he likes to ‘teach people how to do things properly’.

Is Ray Mears still married?

Raymond Paul Mears (born 7 February 1964) is a British woodsman, instructor, businessman, author and TV presenter. His TV appearances cover bushcraft and survival techniques….

Ray Mears
Years active 1994–present
Employer ITV
Known for Bushcraft
Spouse(s) Rachel Mears (m. 2005; her death 2006) Ruth Mears (m. 2009—2010)

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