Which launcher is best for Android 2021?

Here are the best Android launchers we’ve found on the Google Play Store….Even if none of these options appeal, read on because we’ve found many other choices for the best Android launcher for your phone.

  1. Nova Launcher.
  2. Niagara Launcher.
  3. Smart Launcher 5.
  4. AIO Launcher.
  5. Hyperion Launcher.
  6. Action Launcher.

Which launcher is best for hiding Android apps?

Best 6 Free Launchers to Hide Apps on Android

  1. Poco Launcher. When you think of Xiaomi, it’s the MIUI launcher that comes to the mind.
  2. Evie Launcher. Evie Launcher is known for its amazing search, among other cool features.
  3. Microsoft Launcher.
  4. Lawnchair 2.
  5. CPL Launcher.
  6. U Launcher.

Who is the best hide app?

Best Photos and Video Hiding Apps for Android (2022)

  • KeepSafe Photo Vault.
  • 1Gallery.
  • LockMyPix Photo Vault.
  • Calculator by FishingNet.
  • Hide Pictures & Videos โ€“ Vaulty.
  • Hide Something.
  • Safe Folder of Google Files.
  • Sgallery.

How hide apps in hi launcher?

To hide apps within HiOS Launcher, you just need to swipe up with your two fingers and hide apps section will get opened. Use the Plus Button from the bottom of the screen to add and remove apps on Hidden apps section. This is really a great feature that HiOS provides.

What is the lightest Android launcher?

So, let’s look at some of the best lightweight launchers to boost the performance and appearance of your Android device….The 7 Best Lightweight Launchers That Will Run on Any Android Phone

  1. Nova Launcher. 3 Images.
  2. Smart Launcher.
  3. Hyperion Launcher.
  4. Action Launcher.
  5. Niagara Launcher.
  6. ap15 Launcher.
  7. Microsoft Launcher.

What is the Niagara Launcher?

The minimalist Niagara Launcher makes everything accessible with one hand and lets you focus on what matters. ๐Ÿ† A standout new Android launcher for ergonomic efficiency ยท Computerworld. ๐Ÿ† Among the best launchers of 2020 according to Tom’s Guide, Android Central, Android Authority, and TechRadar.

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