How do I calculate water pipe size?

There are three steps to calculating the proper size for a plumbing piping system:

  1. Add up the total number of water supply fixture units (wsfu) required in the facility.
  2. Estimate demand using the table from the IPC that correlates wsfu to expected demand.
  3. Size the pipe using demand vs.

How many fixtures can a 1 inch water line supply?

For our example, our 1-inch pipe can have up to 30 fixture units, our 3/4-inch can have up to 14, and our 1/2-inch can have up to 4.

What is the standard water pipe size?

The most common pipe diameter for water mains is 6 to 16 inches, with 8, 10, and 12 inches also being used. Branch lines providing service to individual homes, offices, buildings, and businesses vary in size from as small as half an inch in diameter up to 6 inches.

How many fixtures can a 1/2 water line supply?

According to Table 6-6 (610.4), at 30-45 psi you can supply 3 wsfu with ½” pipe with a developed length of up to 100′. 46-60 psi you can have a developed length of up to 200′, and greater that 60 psi can go up to 300′. At 40′ or less with 30 psi, ½” pipe can supply 6 wsfu.

What does WSFU stand for in plumbing?

Water Supply Fixture Units
Plumbing and gas piping. Water Supply Fixture Units (WSFU)

What is the minimum size water pipe feeding a domestic water heater?

So a 3/4” inlet pipe would be the minimum for most homes.

How many water fixture units is a toilet?

Water supply fixture units (WSFU) for typical non-potable applications. 1

Appliances, appurtenances, or fixtures Minimum fixture branch pipe size (inches) Water supply fixture units (WSFU)
Toilet, 1.6 gpf flushometer valve 1 5.0
Toilet, > 1.6 gpf gravity tank 1/2 3.0
Toilet, > 1.6 gpf flushometer valve 1 7.0

How do you calculate fixture units?

First, insert the number of each type of fixture on your premises under the column headed “Quantity”. Second, multiply the quantity by the number of fixture units given under either column “Private Use” or “Public Use”, whichever is applicable. Third, post the result in the “Total column”.

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