What is the name of the Bronx borough president?

Vanessa L. Gibson
CONTACT – The Office of The Bronx Borough President | Vanessa L. Gibson.

Is Ruben Diaz still Bronx borough president?

Diaz Jr. served out his term as borough president, leaving office Dec. 31, 2021.

Where does Ruben Diaz Jr live?

Díaz lives in the southeast Bronx. He and his wife Hilda have two adult sons.

What is a borough president in New York?

Borough presidents advise the mayor of New York City, comment on land-use items in their borough, advocate borough needs in the annual municipal budget process, appoint some officials and community board members, and serve ex officio as members of various boards and committees.

What is the salary of the Bronx Borough President?

The annual salary for the five New York City Borough Presidents is $179,200/year.

Where is Eric Adam from?

Early life and education. Adams was born in Brownsville, Brooklyn, on September 1, 1960. His mother, Dorothy Mae Adams-Streeter, worked double shifts as a housecleaner and had received only a third-grade education. His father was a butcher who struggled with alcohol abuse.

How old is Ruben Diaz Jr?

49 years (April 26, 1973)Rubén Díaz Jr. / Age

What does the Bronx Borough President do?

The Borough President works with the Mayor to prepare the annual executive budget submitted to the City Council, reviews and comments on major land use projects, and proposes sites for City facilities within her jurisdiction.

Who are the current borough presidents?

List of Bronx borough presidents

# Borough President Dates in office
12 Adolfo Carrión, Jr. (born 1961) January 1, 2002– February 19, 2009
Earl D. Brown February 19, 2009– May 21, 2009 (acting)
13 Ruben Diaz, Jr. (born 1973) May 21, 2009– December 31, 2021
14 Vanessa Gibson (born 1979) January 1, 2022– current

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