Where are data Centres located in Ireland?

List of Republic of Ireland Data Centers:

Site name Power (MW)
Microsoft Dublin Grange Castle 23.40
Microsoft Ireland
Servecentric Blanchardstown
Sungard Dublin Park West DC2

How many data centers are there in Dublin?

Currently there are 23 colocation data centers from Dublin (Dublin) in Ireland.

Where in Ireland is Blanchardstown?

Blanchardstown (Irish: Baile BhlainsÊir) is a large outer suburb of Dublin in the modern county of Fingal, Ireland. Located ten kilometres (6 mi) northwest of Dublin city centre, it has developed since the 1960s from a small village to a point where Greater Blanchardstown is the largest urban area in Fingal.

How many people are employed in data Centres?

1,800 people
Today, data centres in Ireland are estimated to employ 1,800 people directly in high value jobs that stimulate additional economic activity and form a key element of Ireland’s overall digital economy.

Why are so many data centre in Ireland?

According to a report by the IDA, there are a number of reasons why Ireland is popular for data centre development. Ireland’s skilled workforce, climate, advanced infrastructure, low tax rate and renewable energy sources have all been cited as why the country is an attractive spot for the centres to be built.

How many data centres are in Ireland?

There are 53 operational data centres in Ireland, with 8 more under construction and 26 with planning approval and are expected to double by 2025. The rapid growth of data centres will only progress over the years as more and more people become reliant on the internet to meet their daily needs.

What companies have data centres in Ireland?

There are now around 70 data centres in Ireland, with tech giants such as Amazon, Facebook and Google all having storage facilities here. Host in Ireland, an industry group, said in a report last year that ten new centres had become operational in the previous 12 months alone.

Who owns Blanchardstown shopping Center?

The Blackstone GroupBlanchardstown Centre / Owner

Are data centres good for Ireland?

How much energy do data centres use in Ireland?

Electricity consumed by data centres in Ireland jumped by 144 per cent between 2015 and 2020, according to new figures from the Central Statistics Office (CSO). Over the same period, the percentage of electricity consumed by these centres rose from 5 per cent to 11 per cent of overall usage.

Why Ireland is so poor?

In Ireland, the number of people living in poverty is steadily increasing. Since the beginning of the recession in 2008, the number has risen due to situational factors, such as unemployment and poor health, and exacerbated structural economic inequalities that perpetuate a cycle of poverty in Ireland.

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