What is the style of homes in Charleston?

These styles include Colonial, Georgian, Federal, Classical Revival, Gothic Revival, Italianate, Victorian, and Art Deco. Each marks a distinct period in history. Some basic floor plans transcend the periods; these floor plans include the Charleston single house and the Charleston double house.

Why do Charleston houses face sideways?

When the city’s first streets were laid out in 1680, residential lots were long and deep but had little street frontage. Placing the house sideways on the lot made the best use of space. This also allowed the home to take full advantage of the prevailing southerly breezes, necessary in the hot summer climate.

What makes a home Southern style?

A soft quilt laid at the end of a guest bed, a kitchen always ready for a neighborly visit, a living room with elegant and comfortable seating—from the decorative details to the architectural design, elements of hospitality can be found in the many facets of a Southern home.

What are the houses in Charleston called?

A Charleston single house is a form of house found in Charleston, South Carolina. A single house has its narrow side (often two- or three-bays wide) with a gable end along the street and a longer side (often five-bays) running perpendicular to the street.

What do they call porches in Charleston?

A side porch on a Charleston Single House is also called a “piazza.” All piazzas are porches, but not all porches are piazzas.

Why do Charleston houses have a door to the porch?

The hospitality doors were helpful social cues for neighbors and friends. If the porch door was propped open, it meant that the family inside was ready for visitors, and people were welcome to come in. If the door was shut—you guessed it—do not disturb.

Why do Charleston houses have two front doors?

I had to find out why. My research showed these unique entrances had a name – hospitality doors – as did the homes they graced – Charleston singles. Charleston singles are distinct in that they were built “sideways” to make the most of narrow lots and breezes in the bustling city.

What are old Southern homes called?

Antebellum architecture is especially characterized by Georgian, Neo-classical, and Greek Revival style homes and mansions. These plantation houses were built in the southern American states during roughly the thirty years before the American Civil War; approximately between the 1830s to 1860s.

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