Who was john Pettus?

John Jones Pettus (October 9, 1813 – January 25, 1867) was an American politician and lawyer who served as the 23rd Governor of Mississippi, from 1859 to 1863.

Who was the governor of Mississippi when the state secede?

States like Mississippi considered secession the answer to keeping slavery and black submission alive. Seven days after Lincoln’s victory, Mississippi Governor John J. Pettus called the state’s legislature into special session.

What state was the first to secede from the union?

South Carolina
South Carolina became the first state to secede from the federal Union on December 20, 1860. The victory of Abraham Lincoln in the 1860 presidential election triggered cries for disunion across the slaveholding South.

What 7 states first formed the Confederate States of America?

By February 1861, seven Southern states had seceded. On February 4 of that year, representatives from South Carolina, Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, Georgia and Louisiana met in Montgomery, Alabama, with representatives from Texas arriving later, to form the Confederate States of America.

Has MS ever had a Democratic governor?

History. Since Mississippi became a U.S. state, it has had 54 governors serving 64 distinct terms, including 50 Democrats, 7 Republicans and 7 from other parties.

Why did Texas leave the Union?

The document specifies several reasons for secession, including its solidarity with its “sister slave-holding States,” the U.S. government’s inability to prevent Indian attacks, slave-stealing raids, and other border-crossing acts of banditry.

What was the first capital of Mississippi?

In 1798, Natchez became the first capital of the Mississippi Territory, and in 1817, the first capital of the new state of Mississippi. The city boomed in the first half of the 19th century, especially due to the export of tons of cotton by steamboat.

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