Is Nerja Spain worth visiting?

Located 56 km to the east of Málaga, it is the perfect day trip from the big Andalusian coastal city. However, if you are looking for a nice, smaller (less touristy) charming beach town on the coast of southern Spain, then Nerja is definitely for you!

What is Nerja Spain known for?

Nerja is mainly known for its natural beauty, and walking along the Rio Chillar is one of the best opportunities to soak up the gorgeous nature of Spain’s southern coast. Admire the magnificent rock walls, wade through the crystal clear water and dip in one of the pools as a reward for your hike.

What is Nerja like in Spain?

Nerja has some of the best beaches in Costa del Sol. Its clear water and beautiful rock formations make you feel like in paradise. The only downside of some Nerja beaches is that they’re very rocky so you must take slip on water shoes to avoid injuries or discomfort when walking on the shore.

Which is nicer Estepona or Nerja?

Nerja typically has more tourist animation than Estepona during days and evenings. Nerja has several pretty coves and small beaches, while Estepona has a wide and long stretch of beach. Estepona also has a marina area with boats and restaurants, something Nerja does not have.

Does Nerja have a promenade?

At the far eastern end of the Costa del Sol in Nerja, there’s a scenic waterfront promenade that makes for a pleasant 5.5 km out and back run. A good place to start is in central Nerja, with a jaunt out the Balcón de Europa, a picturesque overlook offering panoramic views of the sea, beaches and distant mountains.

Does Nerja have an old town?

In the center of town, you will find one of the most emblematic structures in Nerja, the Balcón de Europa, a balcony above a cliff that looks over the sea, the views here are truly mesmerizing. The old town is very Andalucian, it’s full of white-washed houses, and pebble streets.

Is Nerja a nice place to live?

We have meet a lot of really good friends here mainly from Ireland and the UK. The weather is fantastic, the food is great the golf is better what more could you ask for. There is plenty going on in nerja good restaurants a lot of variety if you want to soak up the culture here it is all here in this part of Spain.

What does Nerja mean in Spanish?

rich in water
The town we now know as Nerja was variously called Narija, Naricha and Narixa, all basically meaning ‘rich in water’.

Which is better Nerja or Marbella?

Nerja is quaint but more for families. Dining in Marbella is far superior though more expensive and worth it (look up Casa Tua and Garum). The atmosphere is fantastic in the old town. Puerto Banus is shopping and coffee and site and sight seeing during the day then s mega club area at night.

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