What ports does Wowza use?

Configure ports

TCP 1935 RTMP/RTMPE/RTMPT/RTSP-interleaved streaming and WOWZ™ streaming
UDP 6970-9999 RTP UDP streaming
TCP 80 HLS, MPEG-DASH, and RTMPT streaming
TCP 443 SSL/TLS streaming (RTMPS and HTTPS)
TCP 554 RTSP streaming

How do you check if RTSP port is open?

Test & Validate Your RTSP URL

  1. Using VLC, you can access your camera’s RTSP stream using the File > Open Network menu item.
  2. Next, enter your RTSP URL in the “URL” field and then click the OPEN button.
  3. Once VLC has successfully connected to your camera stream, it will display the video stream in a new window.

What camera or encoder will you use to connect to Wowza Streaming cloud?

The Wowza Streaming Cloud service can connect to any H. 264 encoder that supports the RTSP network protocol.

How do I stream Wowza Streaming Engine?

Introduction to Live Video Streaming

  1. Connect an RTMP encoder Updated.
  2. Connect an RTSP encoder Updated.
  3. Connect an IP camera Updated.
  4. Connect an SRT encoder Updated.
  5. Connect a UDP encoder Updated.
  6. Deliver WebRTC streams for HLS playback Updated.
  7. Deliver WebRTC streams to viewers Updated.

How do you stream Wowza engine?

5 Steps for Getting Started With Wowza Streaming Engine Configuration

  1. #1: Check Your Port Configuration.
  2. #2: Enter Your Source User Name and Password.
  3. #3: Configure Your Applications.
  4. #4: Configure Your Transcoder.
  5. #5: Configure Your Player.

What is the default RTSP port number?

RTSP streaming is performed over incoming TCP connections to HELO. Specify the port on which the incoming connection should be made by using the RTSP Port sliding control. The default port number used is 554.

What ports can I use for RTSP?

port 554
For true (RTSP) streaming, open port 554. See the note below. The Windows Media player will automatically use protocol rollover if necessary. The default streaming protocol for the Windows Media player is RTSP on port 554.

How do I create a Wowza stream?

Sign in to Wowza Streaming Engine Manager as an Administrator. You must have administrator privileges to create stream files. For more information, see Manage credentials. In the Server contents panel, click Stream Files, and then click Add Stream File.

How do I stream YouTube with Wowza?

After creating a Live application in Wowza Streaming Engine, it must be configured to send the stream to YouTube. In the contents panel, click Stream Targets, and then click Add Stream Target. On the Add Stream Target page under Third-Party Target Destinations, click YouTube Live. YouTube receives the stream over RTMP.

How do I connect my Wowza to OBS?

How to Connect OBS Studio with Wowza?

  1. Log into your Wowza Streaming Cloud account.
  2. Go to Live Streams and select Add Live Stream.
  3. Give your stream a name and select a location close to the location you are streaming from.
  4. Click Next.
  5. On the Video Source and Transcoder Settings screen, select Other RTMP.

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