What is SFEE?

SFEE (Steady Flow Energy Equation) is an equation that describes the total engergy flows of an open system. It is assumed that the mass flow through the system is constant (this is why it is called ‘Steady Flow Energy’).

What is the equation of SFEE?

The steady flow energy equation for the WHB is(9.11)Mf2hf0+HP4=λ′D+HP′S,where 4 and S are the entry and exit states, P refers to products entering (i.e. at exit from the turbine), P′ refers to products after the supplementary combustion and Mf2hf0 is the enthalpy flux of the entering fuel.

What is meant by steady flow system?

In a steady-flow system, flows of mass and energy that cross the system boundary are steady. A steady fluid flow infers a flow of which parameters such as mass flow rate, pressure, temperature, etc. do not change in time.

What do you mean by steady flow energy equation and derive it?

Since the steady flow process is that in which the condition of fluid flow within a control volume do not vary with time, i.e. the mass flow rate, pressure, volume, work and rate of heat transfer are not the function of time. i.e., for steady flow. (dm/dt)entrance = (dm/dt)exit ; i.e, dm/dt = constant.

What are the applications of SFEE?

LESSON-11 APPLICATION OF STUDY FLOW ENERGY EQUATION (SFEE) The application of steady flow energy equation can be used to study the performance of many engineering devices that undergo thermodynamic processes, as these devices closely satisfy the conditions for steady flow processes.

Which of them is the assumption of SFEE?

The following assumptionsare made in the system analysis: (i) The mass flow through the system remains constant. (ii) Fluid is uniform in composition. (iii) The only interaction between the system and surroundings are work and heat.

What is the difference between steady flow and non flow process?

What is the difference between steady-flow and non-flow processes? In a non-flow process, there is no mass exchange. In a steady-flow process, mass enters and leaves the system at a fixed rate.

What are the characteristics of steady flow system?

The characteristics of steady state steady flow process are; i) A steady state process is defined as a process during which a fluid flows through a control volume steadily. ii) At a steady state of a system, any thermodynamic property will have a fixed value at a particular location and will not alter with time.

What is steady and unsteady flow?

steady: A steady flow is one in which the conditions (velocity, pressure and cross- section) may differ from point to point but DO NOT change with time. • unsteady: If at any point in the fluid, the conditions change with time, the flow is described as unsteady.

What is steady flow energy equation apply it to a gas turbine?

W = H1 – H. We can also say that, work energy produced by the turbine during the process will be the result of drop in enthalpy.

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