How do you play alphabet flash cards?

10+ Hands-on Ways to Use Alphabet Flashcards

  1. Count the syllables in the words.
  2. Sort the pictures by their beginning sound.
  3. Play memory match.
  4. Play Letter Sounds Tic-Tac-Toe.
  5. Go on an alphabet scavenger hunt.
  6. Match letter sounds to actual letters.
  7. Listen for middle or ending sounds.
  8. Count all the sounds in the word.

What games can you play with flashcards?

15 Simple Flashcard Games Your Kindy Kids Will Love

  • Jump and Say. Line the flashcards in a straight row with space in between on the floor.
  • Lip Reading. Use the flashcards so that you know which word to say and to show students if they are correct.
  • Fast Flash.
  • Slow Reveal.
  • Quiet-Loud.
  • Under Over.
  • Pass and Say.
  • Roll the Dice.

What are phonic flashcards?

Phonics) These flashcards offer a fun way to introduce the letters and sounds that make up words, using the Set 1 Speed Sounds. With parent notes offering guidance, they are the ideal way to support your child’s first steps in learning to read.

What are the uses of phonic cards?

The simplest way to use phonics cards is as flashcards to learn and review words for a specific phonics sound. Show a student the card and get them to read the word, using the picture and lines as a clue. Students can use phonics cards for self-study, homework with parents, and paired practice.

How do you make flashcards for kindergarten?

To make picture flashcards, simply draw an image of the word on one side of the card, and write the word on the other.

  1. Picture flashcards can also be a great method of teaching the alphabet or learning colors.
  2. If you don’t want to draw, you can always opt to print out images and tape them to the cards instead.

How can I make learning flashcards fun?

10 Ways to Make Flashcards More Fun

  1. Left or Right?
  2. Pick a card (any card!)
  3. Hide and Seek.
  4. Memory Make 2 of each card and play a game of memory.
  5. Find the Rhyming Card.
  6. I’m searching for…
  7. Sorting Sort the cards into like piles.
  8. Switch Places Have your child hold the cards and you identify them!

What can I do with flashcards?

Flashcards are small note cards used for testing and improving memory through practiced information retrieval. Flashcards are typically two-sided, with the prompt on one side and the information about the prompt on the other. This may include names, vocabulary, concepts, or procedures.

How do you teach phonics?

Here are more ways you can reinforce phonics learning at home:

  1. Team up with the teacher. Ask how you can highlight phonics and reading outside of class, and share any concerns you have.
  2. Listen to your child read daily.
  3. Boost comprehension.
  4. Revisit familiar books.
  5. Read aloud.
  6. Spread the joy.

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