What is a Klootzak?

Klootzak (literally: “ball sack”) is the scrotum, and is a common insult. It is comparable to the Irish use of “bollocks” (when used as a noun) and the Glaswegian use of “bawbag” when applied to a person. See also zak. Klojo, possibly a derivative of klootzak, means “clumsy person”, “simpleton”.

How do you say swear words in Dutch?

Eikel, lul, klootzak, muts, doos, kuttekop, kutwijf In Amsterdam, these terms are used freely and easily, especially in traffic. Kankerlijer (sufferer of cancer) is also popular and comes from the popular use in Dutch of diseases in swear words.

What is the longest Dutch word?

The longest Dutch word in the dictionary is 35 letters long. Meervoudigepersoonlijkheidsstoornis means multiple personality disorder. While it is sometimes written as two words, some linguists argue it changes the meaning.

How do you say Ballsack in Dutch?

  1. testikel, de ~ (m) Noun.
  2. teelbal, de ~ (m) Noun.

Why do Dutch swear with diseases?

Why do they do it? According to an article in Atlas Obscura, Dutch swear words revolve around illness because it’s one of the Dutch’s biggest fears. We know that the Dutch are pretty known for their cleanliness and hygiene (except when it comes to their hands, apparently 👀).

What’s a Dutch party?

“Going Dutch” (sometimes written with lower-case dutch) is a term that indicates that each person participating in a paid activity covers their own expenses, rather than any one person in the group defraying the cost for the entire group.

What is the hardest Dutch word to say?

Meteorologisch (meteorological) is the most difficult Dutch word to pronounce, according to Dutch language experts.

What does Shell apartment mean?

A shell is an apartment without a floor and sometimes essential kitchen equipment. Unfurnished means there’s a floor and kitchen in the apartment. Semi-furnished is an unfurnished apartment with very basic furniture (like a sofa and bed), please note that this option is very uncommon.

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