Is Sydney Northern Beaches a good place to live?

It is regarded as one of the most liveable neighbourhoods because of the vast open spaces, tree coverage, topographic deviation, and low crime rate. It rates average in the majority of other aspects such as beach access, cafes, restaurants, education, bus links, and traffic congestion.

What is the cheapest suburb on the northern beaches?

For buyers keen on the Northern Beaches region, which has a median of $1.97 million, Warriewood is the most affordable suburb for houses with a median of $1.35 million.

Where in Sydney do Northern Beaches live?

One of the most famous northern beaches suburbs is also one of the most liveable. Ranked second in the region and 50th in all of Sydney, Manly is a haven for outdoorsy types, with the beach, open spaces and decent tree cover. Manly’s ferry wharf is a major drawcard and there are plenty of cafe and dining options.

What is it like living in North Sydney?

A place where towering office buildings meet the quiet undertones of urban living, North Sydney is a suburb that is all about convenience. An imposing commercial district and prestigious schools that consume large blocks of land give way to beautiful parklands and streets lined with intimate homes and corner cafés.

Is Neutral Bay a good place to live?

At its core, Neutral Bay remains one of the best suburbs in Sydney to visit. There’s just a lot on offer in terms of views, dining, shopping and pleasant public spaces, and it’s not one of those North Shore suburbs that automatically become a ghost town as soon as the sun goes down – there’s a little life here yet.

Is Northern Sydney expensive?

Australia’s most expensive LGAs: Sydney’s Northern Beaches worth more than Hobart and Canberra combined. One Sydney LGA is now home to such pricey property that its real estate is worth more than all the dwellings in two capital cities combined.

Is Cromer NSW a nice place to live?

Cromer is a really great and convenient suburb and we love living here. It’s 5 minutes to the beach (an easy flat bike ride), 20 – 25 minutes from the city, 5 minutes from Warringah Mall, 15 minutes to Chatswood shops/malls, 10 -12 minutes from Manly and a great gateway to the rest of the Norther Beaches.

Is North Sydney a good suburb?

“Sydney’s best apartment suburb (for the privileged few)” I have not doubt in saying that for the those who are looking for apartment living (and the privileged few that can afford it), North Sydney is the BEST suburb in Sydney (singles, couples, down-sizers, retirees, students, everyone!).

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