Who created Bassai Dai?

Sokon Matsumura
Bassai Dai is believed to have been created by Sokon Matsumura. Much of the bunkai focus on breaking the opponent’s balance and defences against grabbing attacks. Like many Shotokan Kata, Bassai Dai is praticed in many styles of karate, having several variations. The JKA version has 42 movements.

What kata is after Tekki Shodan?


Kata Moves Meaning
Heian Yondan 27 “Peacefull Mind Four”
Heian Godan 23 “Peacefull Mind Five Universe”
Tekki Shodan 23 “Iron Horse One”
Tekki Nidan 24 “Iron Horse Two”

What is the meaning of Kanku Dai?

view the sky
Okinawa’s Gichin Funakoshi (founder of Shotokan), upon taking karate to mainland Japan gave the kata a new, although similar, Japanese name of ‘Kanku-dai’, which means to ‘view the sky’ (‘Kun’ – view and ‘Ku’ – sky).

What is the original name of Bassai?

Originally called Passai, but was changed when Gichen Funakoshi took karate from Okinawa to Japan. The ‘Sai’ in Bas’Sai’ is the same character in ‘Sai’fa (meaning destroy or breach). The meaning of Bassai-dai is generally regarded as ‘To breach the fortress’ or ‘destroy the fortress’.

How many kihon are there in karate?

In Karate, however, we can spell, and the three Ks really are three Ks – Kihon, Kata and Kumite. Let’s look at each one and explain what it is. Kihon means Basics….Kihon, Kata And Kumite: The Three KS Of Karate.

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Who created Passai kata?

Generally regarded as being one of the oldest and most representative kata of Okinawan karate, the kata’s originator is unknown. However, the oldest versions have been passed down by Soken Matsumura, the chief bodyguard to the King of Okinawa, and thus, head of law and order in Okinawa.

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