How do I change the default CSV separator in Excel Mac?

Click File > Options > Advanced. Under Editing options, clear the Use system separators check box. Change the default Decimal separator.

Can you edit a CSV File on Mac?

You can use CSV files to hold anything from financial data to employee contact information. Because the CSV format remains plain text, despite its nonstandard file extension, you can edit these files in the Macintosh edition of Microsoft Word.

How do I change a semicolon to a comma in a CSV File Mac?

  1. To achieve the desired result we need to temporary change the delimiter setting in the Excel Options.
  2. Move to File -> Options -> Advanced -> Editing Section.
  3. Uncheck the “Use system separators” setting and put a comma in the“Decimal Separator” field.
  4. Now save the file in the .

How do I change the default program for CSV on Mac?


  1. Right-click on an Excel File (. xlsx, . xls, . csv, etc)
  2. Click on Get Info in the pop-up.
  3. Click Open With if the section isn’t already expanded.
  4. Click the dropdown and choose Microsoft Excel.
  5. Click Change All…
  6. Click Continue when the Finder asks you if you’re sure.

How do I change a semicolon to a CSV delimiter?

Option 1: Use notepad or wordpad to update the list separator to a comma

  1. Right click on the file.
  2. Click the Edit menu.
  3. Enter a semicolon ‘;’ into the Find what box.
  4. Enter a comma ‘,’ into the Replace with box.
  5. Click the Replace all button.
  6. Close the Replace window.
  7. Save the file as a .

How do I edit a CSV file?

Open the CSV file in Microsoft Excel or a compatible application, such as a text editor or Notepad. Move your cursor to an empty line and type an H in column A. Press the Tab key to move to the next column and enter the value that you want to import for that field. Repeat step b for all the fields in the row.

What program opens CSV files on Mac?

Table Tool opens CSV files. It auto-detects character encoding and record separator (comma/semicolon/tab), and supports basic editing operations (like add row, delete row, add column delete column etc). Table Tool can convert files to a different format. Table Tool is also available on the Mac App Store.

How do I make a semicolon delimited in a CSV file?

  1. save as your file with the classic way as CSV (comma delimited)
  2. right click on csv file and open with.. > Notepad.
  3. Edit > Select All and using find-replace method. find: comma [,] and…. replace with semicolon [;]
  4. save as the file with encoding utf-8.

How do I change the default program on a Mac?

How To Set Or Change Default Apps On Mac

  1. Right-click on a file that you want to change the app for and select Get Info.
  2. Click Open With if the section isn’t already expanded.
  3. Now click the dropdown and choose an app you want to open the file in by default.

How do I change the default for opening a CSV file?

Summary – How to open CSV files in Excel by default

  1. Click the Start button.
  2. Click Default programs.
  3. Click the Associate a file type or protocol with a program link.
  4. Select the . csv option.
  5. Click the Change program button.
  6. Click Microsoft Excel.
  7. Click the OK button.

How do I change my delimiter?


  1. In Microsoft Windows, click the Start button, and then click Control Panel.
  2. Open the dialog box for changing Regional and Language settings.
  3. In the dialog box, look for the List separator setting. (Location may vary based on Windows version.
  4. Enter the desired list separator.
  5. Click Apply and then click OK.

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