Who is in the Australian Olympic rowing team?

Rowers Ready for Olympic Regatta with 38 Athletes Selected to Australian Olympic Team

Name Event State
James Rook W8+ (Cox) VIC
Jack Cleary M4x WA
Caleb Antill M4x ACT
Cameron Girdlestone M4x NSW

Who won 2012 Olympics rowing?

Great Britain
Great Britain was the most successful nation, topping the medal table with four golds and nine in total. New Zealand finished second with three golds and five medals overall.

Who is in the Australian Olympic Rowing Team 2021?

In addition to Albury and Ross selection, Erik Horrie has been selected to the PR1 Men’s Single Scull, while the PR3 Mixed Coxed Four has been named as Thomas Birtwhistle, James Talbot, Alexandra Viney, Nikki Ayers and coxswain Renae Domaschenz.

Did Australia win the rowing?

More than two decades since the “Oarsome Foursome” reigned supreme, Australia claimed not just one but two gold medals in the Tokyo 2020 rowing regatta.

What is a rowing team called crossword?

Synonyms, crossword answers and other related words for ROWING TEAM [crew]

Who owns Dorney Lake?

Eton College
Constructed and privately owned by Eton College, Dorney Lake is managed and operated by Eton College Services Ltd. Dorney Lake was originally conceived by Eton College rowing teachers in the 1960s.

Who won gold for Australia in rowing?

In 2016, Australia’s Kim Brennan, won the country’s first female rowing gold medal in 20 years. In 1996, Kate Allen (nee Slatter) and Megan Marcks (nee Still) won gold in the Women’s Pair at the Atlanta Olympic Games, 20 years later Brennan won gold in the Women’s Single Sculls at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games.

What has Australia won in the Olympics?

Australia’s Olympic Medal Tally – Summer Games

Year Gold Total Medals Won
2016 8 29
2021 17 46
Total 168 554

Can a man Cox women’s rowing?

In most racing, coxswains may be of any gender regardless of the gender of the rowers.

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