What is Lee Jong Suk type?

Actor Lee Jong Suk shared that his ideal type remains actress Lee Na Young. In a recent interview with Star News, when asked about his ideal type, he said, “If I had to pick amongst celebrities, Lee Na Young is the closest to my ideal woman.

Is Lee Jong Suk has Scopophobia?

Despite being a public figure for over a decade, Lee Jong Suk suffers from scopophobia, the fear of getting attention. In front of huge crowds and press conferences, his face will start to turn red and he will sweat excessively.

What do fans call Lee Jong Suk?

Lee Jong Suk: Are You A Diehard Fan? His fans call him Sukki! Lee Jong Suk isn’t really a new face in the K-drama world. This Korean actor has had plenty of iconic roles in several popular dramas and has been working in the entertainment industry from a very young age.

What is Lee Jong Suk personality?

Though Lee JongSuk seems to be playful and active in the roles he takes, his actual personality is known to be very shy with strangers. He only loses tension when he is with someone who has been with him for a long time.

Does Lee Jong Suk have a tattoo?

Bonus: Lee Jong Suk Lee Jong Suk may not have a real tattoo yet, but there’s no doubt that he can pull one off. His Ceci cover shoot from May 2014—where he wore everything from a big neck tatoo, finger inks, and a huge back script—is proof enough.

Is Lee Jong Suk a pilot?

On July 3, Lee Jong Suk will be officially recognized as the good will ambassador for the “Global Aviation in Ansan.” Then for three months he will train as a pilot. Lee Jong Suk stated, “I developed a respect for actual flying after acting in the role of a pilot in the film.

Is Lee Jong Suk in the Navy?

Lee was deemed unfit to enlist as an active duty soldier as a result of going through a car accident when he was 16 and tore his anterior cruciate ligament. Therefore, he was confirmed to work as a public service officer, and was expected to be discharged on 31 December 2020.

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