Who supported Take That on the Circus tour?

Take That Presents: The Circus Live

Legs 1
No. of shows 20 (total)
Supporting act(s) Gary Go James Morrison The Saturdays The Script Lady Gaga
Box office US$67.8 million ($85.64 in 2021 dollars)
Take That concert chronology

When did Take That to the circus tour?

Take That started their Circus Live tour at the Stadium of Light on 5 June 2009 in Sunderland and ended at the Wembley Stadium in London on 5 July 2009, which over 80,000 people attended.

When did Robbie Williams leave Take That?

July 1995
He was unhappy with being told what to do by the group’s management. There were the usual musical differences, and tensions began to escalate in the band when Robbie started to miss rehearsals due to his excessive partying. He quit Take That in July 1995.

Are Take That touring in 2022?

Gary Barlow has revealed Take That will reunite in 2022 – but without former member Jason Orange. Jason, 51, left the band back in 2014 and the group has since enjoyed further success as a trio, comprising Gary, 50, Howard Donald, 53 and Mark Owen, 49.

Are Take That touring in 2021?

The Take That star has announced Music Played By Humans – The Tour 2021 in support of his upcoming album of the same name. Gary will be playing shows in Liverpool, Manchester, Glasgow, Birmingham and many other cities, plus two nights at London’s O2 in June.

Are Take That still together?

Gary Barlow has confirmed that Take That are getting back together and will go on tour in 2023. He said that he will reunite with bandmates Mark Owen and Howard Donald for a series of live dates in a year’s time.

When did Robbie Williams come back to Take That?

Yes he did! Robbie returned to Take That in 2010 and then left again when they took a break the following year. Concentrating on his solo career, he released the albums ‘Take The Crown’ in 2012 and then ‘The Heavy Entertainment Show’ in 2016.

Is Take That touring in 2021?

Are Take That still together 2020?

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