Will MetroPCS locked phone work on T-Mobile?

once its cleared to be unlocked yes you can take it over to Metro..but it must be unlocked from TMO first.

Can I switch my metro phone to T-Mobile?

Yes, it is possible to keep the number you already have from another wireless or landline carrier. First, check if your existing number is eligible for transfer to T-Mobile. If it is, simply follow the on-screen instructions displayed during check-out to authorize the transfer. We’ll do the rest.

Can I put my T-Mobile SIM card in any phone?

Yes. Swapping your service to another device is as simple as taking the SIM out of one device and putting it in the other.

Can I put a SIM card in a Metro phone?

Insert the nano SIM card into your phone, using the included adapter (if required). Once the SIMis installed, insert your phone’s battery and charge your phone. Choose your unlimited data, talk and text plan and features.

Is T-Mobile and T-Mobile MetroPCS the same?

Is Metro now owned by T-Mobile? Actually, T-Mobile has been the parent company of Metro since 2013. So, our customers have been enjoying the T-Mobile network since then.

Is MetroPCS part of T-Mobile?

MetroPCS is now Metro by T-Mobile | T-Mobile.

What is the difference between Metro T-Mobile and T-Mobile?

The only difference in terms of using the network is that Metro by T-Mobile customers may experience a slow down in data speeds when a cell tower gets busy in the area, compared to normal T-Mobile customers.

Can I just switch my tmobile sim card to another phone?

If your device didn’t come with a SIM card, just move the SIM from your old device to your new one and you’re good to go, no additional steps required.

Is MetroPCS and tmobile the same?

Can I switch from tmobile to MetroPCS and keep my number?

To switch to Metro by T-Mobile and BYOP, you’ll first need to unlock your phone and make sure it’s compatible with a Metro SIM card (can be done online). Then, all you need to do is pick a Metro plan and visit a Metro store in person.

Is Metro by T-Mobile GSM?

Yes, Metro uses T-Mobile’s GSM network. If you’re coming from T-Mobile or AT, which both run on GSM networks, your phone will likely be good to go as long as you unlock it and purchase a Metro SIM card. If you’re switching from Verizon, though, you may run into issues, since both of those carriers run on CDMA.

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