What is a 395 399 battery?

Silver Oxide Button Battery: Duracell’s 395/399 Silver Oxide Button batteries provide reliable, long lasting power for your medical devices, watches, toys, electronics and more. Long Lasting Power: Duracell Silver Oxide Coin batteries are engineered for long lasting quality performance.

Are all 395 batteries the same?

No, these batteries are not exactly the same. These batteries are silver-oxide 9.5×2. 6 mm batteries, but the SR927W (399) battery is a high-drain battery suitable for digital watches with LEDs and alarms, while the SR927SW (395) battery is a low-drain battery suitable for low, constant current discharge applications.

What are 395 batteries used for?

Energizer® 395 Battery

  • For watches, toys, glucose monitors and calculators.
  • Cell size: 395.
  • Replacement for: 280-20, 280-48, 395/399, 399, D395/399, SB-AP, SB-DP, SR57, SR927SW, TR927SW.

What batteries are the same as a 395?

395 Battery – SR927SW. The 395 Battery is also a replacement for equivalent batteries: SR926SW, SR57, SR927, SB-AP/DP, 280-48, LA, V395, D395, 610, 395, GP395, S926E, 395, SG7, L926, SW927, 927, 395A, 395X, SB-AP, E395.

  • 395 Battery. Product Code: 395BAT. EAN: 8710255910383.
  • What battery is the same as 399?

    SR927SW battery
    For example, a size 399 battery is the equivalent of a SR927SW battery, which is also the same is a SG7 Battery.

    What is the equivalent of a 395 battery?

    395 Watch Battery SR927SW and equivalent button cell batteries – SR926SW, SR57, SR927, SB-AP, 280-48, V395, D395, 610, GP395, s926E.

    What size is a 395 battery?

    9.50 mm
    Energizer 395-399 Battery Specs

    Brand: Energizer
    Model: 395-399
    Energizer 395-399 Battery Height: 2.70 mm
    Energizer 395-399 Battery Diameter: 9.50 mm
    Energizer 395-399 Battery Voltage: 1.55V

    What battery is the same as 395?

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