Is it OK for ex to be friends?

Is it a good idea to be friends with your ex? Yes, it’s absolutely possible to be friends with your ex. Whether it’s a good idea will depend on the situation and the people involved.

How do I ask my ex for friendship?

Tell him directly that you want to be friends. Simply say, “I hope we can still be friends” or ask the question “We’re still friends, right?” Don’t leave this issue unaddressed – if you’re vague about what you want from your new relationship, he might think you’re trying to get back together with him.

How can I express my feelings to my ex boyfriend?

Things to Say to Your Ex Boyfriend that You Still Love

  1. Remember When..
  2. You Are The First Thing On My Mind Every Day.
  3. The Love For You Never Goes Away.
  4. I’m Always Here For You.
  5. I Never Wanted To Let You Go.
  6. You Never Left My Mind.
  7. I Can’t Find Someone Like You.
  8. You Are The Best Thing That Has Happened To Me.

What do I say to my boyfriends ex?

Dear Boyfriend’s Ex-Girlfriend, We Need To Talk.

  • I didn’t “steal” him from you.
  • I’m sure you guys had a blast when you were travelling together.
  • I don’t know if we’re going to last.
  • I know your worlds merged when you were together.
  • He loved you, he really did.
  • You’re moving on, and that’s great for you!

What to say to an ex that wants to be friends?

What To Do When Your Ex Wants To Be Friends

  • Whatever You Do, Don’t Panic.
  • Think About If You Want That Person Back In Your Life & Why.
  • Take Note Of Any Current Relationships.
  • Respect The Ex’s Boundaries.
  • Don’t Try To Revisit Old Habits.
  • Remember That It’s OK to Say No.

What should I text my ex to be friends?

5 Texts To Send Your Ex When You Want to Reconnect

  • “Hey [Insert Ex’s Name Here], you crossed my mind.
  • “Hi [Ex’s Name], I’ve been doing some thinking and I really regret how things between us ended.
  • “Hey [Ex], just wanted to say congrats on your new job!
  • “Hey [Ex’s Name Here], it’s been too long.

Why does my ex wanna be friends?

Wants to have control Some individuals enjoy being the dominating one. They gloat over the unfair control they have on people’s life. Your ex may want to be friends with you only to experience the thrill of seeing you concede to their requests for friendship.

What to say to an ex who wants to be friends?

First, you can say: “I understand that we were together for a while and it is hard to be apart. Right now, being friends with you is not something I’m ready or able to do. I will reach out to you in the future if anything changes.” Another option is to be a little bit more gentle.

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