What happened to Dylan on Guiding Light?

Dylan Lewis (as played by Brian Gaskill on Guiding Light) * Currently divorcing his wife Bridget Reardon. * In prison for armed robbery.

Who played Dylan Shayne on Guiding Light?

Actor History: Brian Gaskill (03/2007-01/2008)

Who played Dylan Lewis on Guiding Light?

Actor History: Morgan Englund (05/1989-01/1995; contract 01/1997, 09/1997, 09/1999, 06/2002, 08/2006 & 09/2009; recurring) Brian Gaskill (03/2007-01/2008)

Who played Trish Lewis on Guiding Light?

Trish Lewis
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Guiding Light
Portrayed by: Rebecca Hollen
Duration: 1981-1985, 1997 & 2002

Who played Morgan on The Guiding Light?

Kristen Vigard
Kristen Vigard (born May 15, 1963) is an American actress and singer. She is known for being the first actress to play the title role in Annie in its pre-Broadway run and for her two-year run as Morgan Richards on Guiding Light (1980–81). She also had a two-year run on One Life to Live (1984–85).

What happened to Trish Lewis on Guiding Light?

With Vanessa’s help, Trish decided to start a new life. Though by this time, the rest of the Lewis clan had arrived in Springfield and welcomed Trish back into the family, Trish decided to maintain her independence by working at Spaulding Enterprises, the competition.

Who played Morgan and Kelly on Guiding Light?

John Wesley Shipp
Shipp at GalaxyCon Minneapolis in 2019
Born January 22, 1955 Norfolk, Virginia, U.S.
Occupation Actor
Years active 1980–present

What happened to Kelly and Morgan on Guiding Light?

In 1982, Kelly found out and demanded a divorce, which Morgan reluctantly gave. In May 1983, Morgan decided she wanted to resume her modeling career and left Springfield for New York. Her final goodbye to Kelly was a sad one.

How old is John Wesley Shipp?

67 years (January 22, 1955)John Wesley Shipp / Age

Why did Mitch leave Dawson’s Creek?

John Wesley Shipp, who played Mitch Leery, wanted to leave the show because he didn’t believe the adult characters were getting enough interesting storylines, so he agreed to be killed off.

Who played Morgan Richards on Guiding Light?

Who was Uncle Jay on The Flash?

John Wesley Shipp as Jay Garrick / The Flash on The Flash.

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