What are 22 Stingers used for?

The CCI Stinger copper-plated hollow point premium . 22 long rifle rimfire round is our go-to choice — for efficient varmint hunting and for similar tasks where high velocity and precision are necessary.

Are CCI Stingers good?

The CCI Stinger is the high performance 22 round. Clocking in at 1640 FPS, this round does make sacrifices for speed. It uses a lower weight bullet (32 grain), as well as a slightly long case that doesn’t work in tight match 22LR chambers. But, you get the fastest 22LR and some pretty amazing accuracy in some rifles.

Are CCI Stingers longer?

CCI stinger uses a slightly longer case with a slightly smaller bullet to fit in the overall length of a 22 long rifle.

What is the strongest 22LR ammo?

Currently the 22 LR ammo that strikes the best balance of bullet weight and muzzle velocity to achieve the greatest power is CCI’s Stinger 22 LR Ammo. This round has a 32 grain CPHP bullet loaded to a muzzle velocity of 1,640 fps. The hyper-velocity Stinger cartridge boasts a whopping 191 ft lbs of muzzle energy.

What is the difference between 22 LR and 22 Stinger?

The CCI Stinger was the first hyper-velocity . 22 LR cartridge, and provided a significant increase in velocity and energy over standard rimfire rounds. The Stinger case is longer than that of the long rifle; about . 702 in (17.8 mm) versus .

Is CCI any good?

CCI Standard Velocity Accuracy Very respectable accuracy, though we got similar average results from the CCI Mini-mag and CCI Stinger. One advantage to the CCI SV is that it was very easy on the ears and did not have the crack that the other high velocity rounds came with.

How fast are CCI Stingers?

1,640 fps
Want something that shoots flat and anchors varmints fast? Fill your mag with CCI® Stinger® 22 LR. The loads smoke out the muzzle at 1,640 fps and are loaded within industry standard pressures. They provide consistent, reliable performance thanks to CCI priming and brass.

What are stinger rounds?

The Stinger® 40 mm 60-Caliber Round is most widely used as a crowd management tool by Law Enforcement and Corrections. The round contains approximately eighteen 60-Caliber rubber balls.

What is 22 WMR ammo?

22 Winchester Magnum Rimfire (WMR), or more commonly known as the . 22 Magnum. Winchester developed the . 22WMR to respond to small game and varmint hunters who requested a . 22 rimfire round that would accurately reach out to 100-plus yards and carry more downrange energy to the target.

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