Will a balloon attack a town hall?

Sometimes it is bad for the Giga Tesla to be triggered as then defense-targeting troops (e.g. Giants, Balloons, Golems) can then attack the Town Hall.

How much damage do balloons do COC?

Level 6 Barracks Required

Level Damage per second Damage per hit
1 25 75
2 32 96
3 48 144
4 72 216

Is balloon good in clash of clans?

Balloons are a very good troop to defend your village on the Clan Castle. With such high damage, if it reaches the enemy troops it will probably kill them, including Heroes.

How do you defend against balloons in clash of clans?

How can you attack the balloons in battle? Use air based troops like minions that balloons can’t defend against. If you don’t have access to these, lure the loons to a corner and make a circle of archers (at least 10) around the loons. Alternatively you can clump the loons and place couple of wizards.

What are the black balloons in clash of clans?

Balloons are “promoted” Wall Breakers that now attack from a hot air balloon. They drop bombs towards the ground with a large area splash damage, which can destroy a wide range of ground targets, but can be easily taken out by any anti-air buildings or air-targeting splash-damaging buildings.

How do I raise my Dragoon level?

Dragoon Levels are gained by acquiring SP, and it will continue to accumulate, for the purposes of gaining D’Levels, even when the Spirit bar is full. Addition levels are gained by completing the Additions correctly, a minimum of 80 successful uses are needed to master each..

What does Level 6 balloons look like?

A level 6 or 7 Balloon has the same design on its exterior as a Seeking Air Mine (a black sphere with a broad white skull), which suits as both do extremely high damage per hit.

What is the max level of balloon?

You can have a maximum of 60 balloons at one time in a complete set of fully upgraded army camps. Each of the four upgrades which upgrade the balloon from level 2 to level 6 increases the balloon’s damage by 50%.

How do you do Lavaloonion?

Locate two air defenses, preferably ones closer to each other. Send a pair of lava hounds to each of the two air defenses. Soon after deploying the lava hounds, send your balloons in a wave behind them. Place two rage spells near the lava hounds, raging them as well as the balloons.

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