Is The Battle of Evermore about Lord of the Rings?

“The Battle of Evermore” is an acoustic guitar and mandolin track from Led Zeppelin’s fourth album. It is commonly believed to be based on events in J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings’ final volume, The Return of the King.

What literary work inspired Led Zeppelin The Battle of Evermore?

The Lord of the Rings
“The Battle of Evermore” is a folk duet sung by Robert Plant and Sandy Denny, featured on Led Zeppelin’s untitled 1971 album, commonly known as Led Zeppelin IV. The song’s instrumentation features acoustic guitar and mandolin playing, while the lyrics allude to J. R. R. Tolkien’s fantasy novel The Lord of the Rings.

What inspired The Battle of Evermore song?

“Evermore” is even more directly inspired by the fifteenth and sixteenth century Anglo-Scottish wars, mostly fought along the border of the two countries, which Plant had been reading about prior to writing the lyrics.

Who sings backing vocals on Battle of Evermore?

Between 1971 and 1977, Denny released four solo albums: The North Star Grassman and the Ravens, Sandy, Like an Old Fashioned Waltz and Rendezvous. She also duetted with Robert Plant on “The Battle of Evermore” for Led Zeppelin’s album Led Zeppelin IV in 1971.

What Led Zeppelin songs are about Lord of the Rings?

Led Zeppelin went on to reference their favorite fantasy series in two songs from 1971: “Misty Mountain Hop” (named for the place where Bilbo Baggins and his dwarf pals spend some time in The Hobbit) and “The Battle of Evermore” (“The ring wraiths ride in black/Ride on!”).

Who played mandolin Led Zeppelin?

John Paul Jones

John Paul Jones
Birth Januar 3 1946; Sidcup, Kent, England
Instruments Bass guitar, electric organ, electric piano, harp, clavinet, double bass, mellotron, keyboards, mandolin, guitar, recorder, koto, lap steel guitar, continuum, autoharp, ukulele, sitar, keytar, banjo, cello, violin, Warr Guitar
Years Active 1960 – present

Who sang on Led Zeppelin’s The Battle of Evermore?

Led ZeppelinThe Battle Of Evermore / Artist

What happened to Sandy Dennys daughter Georgia?

In March 1978, Denny and her newborn daughter Georgia took a holiday with her parents in Cornish cottage. She fell down a flight of stairs, and subsequently complained of severe headaches, for which she was prescribed a painkiller called Distalgesic. If mixed with alcohol they can be fatal.

Did John Paul Jones write any songs for Led Zeppelin?

Black Dog (Led Zeppelin IV, 1971) John Paul Jones’s shared song writing credit with Page and Plant is clear indication of his contribution to this Led Zeppelin IV opener. It’s his complex linear bass riff influenced by John Lee Hooker’s Smokestack Lightening that Jimmy Page builds his guitar histrionics around.

Are any members of Led Zeppelin still alive?

The band’s three surviving members — Plant, Page and Jones — worked on the selection and shared some of their stories from along the way. “There is no shortage of books about Led Zeppelin, but they’ve never involved Led Zeppelin,” book editor Dave Brolan said.

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