What Higo means?

noun. fig [noun] a type of soft pear-shaped fruit, often eaten dried.

What is the meaning of Habichuelas?

kidney bean
feminine noun. kidney bean. ▪ idiom: ganarse las habichuelas to earn one’s living.

What Alabaster means in Spanish?

Spanish: alabastro – de porcelana – lechoso.

What is the meaning of Borrego?

Spanish and Portuguese: from borrego ‘lamb’, probably applied as a nickname in Spanish for a simpleton or in Portuguese for a gentle person. Similar surnames: Porro, Barreto, Barre, Borrero, Ortega, Borra, Burrell, Barriga.

What fruit is Higos?

Figs are a seasonal fruit, highly appreciated in Mediterranean cuisine. In season they are eaten fresh and there are different qualities and sizes.

What is the fruit eagle in English?

Cross Translation:

From To Via
• higo → fig ↔ Feige — Botanik, Gastronomie: essbare, süße, fleischige Frucht des Feigenbaums
• higo → fig ↔ figue — faux-fruit comestible du figuier, issu de l’inflorescence contenant des akènes qui sont les fruits proprement dits, contenus dans une pulpe mou et sucrée.

Where does the name habichuela come from?

Etymology. From haba (“bean”) +‎ -ichuela, or possibly from a Mozarabic *fabichela (cf. attested faichiela), from Vulgar Latin *fabicella, diminutive of Latin faba.

How strong is alabaster?

The two kinds are readily distinguished by their different hardnesses: gypsum alabaster (Mohs hardness 1.5 to 2) is so soft that a fingernail scratches it, while calcite (Mohs hardness 3) cannot be scratched in this way but yields to a knife.

What does Anza Borrego mean in Spanish?

The park takes its name from 18th century Spanish explorer Juan Bautista de Anza and borrego, a Spanish word for sheep. With 585,930 acres (237,120 ha) that includes one-fifth of San Diego County, it is the largest state park in California.

What language is Borrego?

Borrowed from Spanish borrego.

Are figs brevas?

Brevas, botanically classified as Ficus carica, are an early crop of fruits found on fig trees, belonging to the Moraceae family. The fruits are also known as Breba, Taqsh, and Early figs, and there are many different varieties of fig trees that produce Brevas around the world.

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