Why is Kunda famous in Belgaum?

This time the taste was even better. A happy Marwadi gave the sweet a name — calling it Kunda. After Jakku Marwadi discovered it was followed up by the Purohits and the one camp became famous for its cleanliness and good quality. With time the packing of the Kunda has changed over time.

Which Belgaum sweet is famous?

Belagavi Kunda
Belagavi Kunda is a famous sweet of Belagavi, the erstwhile Belgaum. The sweet has an interesting story behind its discovery.

Does Belgaum belong to Maharashtra?

The Belagavi border dispute, Belgaon border dispute is a dispute between the Indian states of Karnataka and Maharashtra. Belagavi, now part of Karnataka, was earlier part of the British India’s Bombay Presidency. The Bombay Presidency encompassed present-day Gujarat, Maharashtra as well as certain areas of Karnataka.

Is Belgaum good for living?

Belgaum city, known as Belagavi is a good choice to live in because of its good weather, many places to travel nearby and in the city itself, a decent educational facility for students, good transportations, good roads, culture, food, etc.

Why is belagavi called Kundanagari?

Belagavi is also called Kundanagari, after its famous sweet dish Kunda, made from milk, sugar and spices.

What is Kunda made of?

Milk or Khova (thickened form of milk derived from heating) and sugar are main ingredients of Belagavi Kunda. Milk is boiled extensively till it loses most of its water content and becomes a concentrate. Now sugar is added and stirred well. Cardamom powder and dry fruits are added in the final stage.

Which language is spoken in Belgaum?


Belgaum Belgaon
• Official Kannada
• Other Marathi, Hindi
Time zone UTC+5:30 (ST)

What can you buy in Belgaum?

Belgaum is known for its brass and wood products. Here you can get best deals on brass utensils, showpieces, jewellery and travel souvenirs. You will also find a wide range of wooden toys and utensils.

Who is the richest person in Belgaum?

Mr. Kiran Kulkarni is the Co-founder/ Managing Director of Geodesic Limited who hails from Belgaum has sought 239th place in the India’s Super Rich 2009 in the Businessworld Issue Dated 23-29 June 2009). His net worth in 2008 was Rs. 165.42 crores in 2009 it is Rs.

Who invented Kunda?

While the recipe is simple enough, the origin of this mithai is rooted in rustic charm. “Gangaram Mithaiwala, whose shop still runs at Shahpur in Belgaum, used to have a mithai maker named Jakku. One day Jakku left the milk boiling and forgot about it.

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