How much is a Jerry Rice action packed card worth?

Jerry Rice Football Trading Card Values

1986 McDonalds 49ers Gold #80 Jerry Rice $8.27
1989 Topps #7 Jerry Rice $0.41
1990 Action Packed All-Madden #2 Jerry Rice $0.60
1990 Action Packed #248 Jerry Rice $0.34
1990 Fleer All-Pros #2 Jerry Rice $0.34

Are Jerry Rice cards worth anything?

BGS 9.5 examples usually sell for approximately $2,000 with the rare PSA 10 graded Rice cards now stretching into five figures. The average price for all Rice rookie cards sits at around $100. He also had a 1986 card in the McDonald’s 49ers set, distributed only within a few hundred miles of the Bay Area.

How much is a Jerry Rice football card worth?

49ers’ Jerry Rice rookie card sells for over $31K, a record, at auction | RSN….How much is a Jerry Rice rookie card worth?

Item Title ▼ Price
Troy Aikman 1990 Topps Super Rookie Card! $20.00

How much is a 1991 Jerry Rice worth?

1991 Fleer Jerry Rice Card Value: $0.46 – $37.38 | MAVIN.

How much is a Jerry Rice rookie card worth?

49ers’ Jerry Rice Rookie Card Sells for Record $31K at Auction – NBC Bay Area.

What 1980s football cards are valuable?

Top 10 Most Valuable Football Rookie Cards of the 1980s

  1. 1981 Topps Football Joe Montana RC.
  2. 1986 Topps Jerry Rice RC.
  3. 1986 Topps Steve Young RC.
  4. 1984 Topps John Elway RC.
  5. 1984 Topps Dan Marino RC.
  6. 1986 Topps Reggie White RC.
  7. 1982 Topps Ronnie Lott RC.
  8. 1982 Topps Lawrence Taylor RC.

How much does a rookie Jerry Rice card cost?

But looking at auction prices realized for other grades and considering the booming collectibles market of 2020-21, you can probably expect price tags in the $300-400 range for a PSA 8 copy of this Jerry Rice rookie card.

What football cards are worth money?

8 Most Expensive and Valuable Football Cards

  • Topps Walter Payton.
  • Topps Joe Namath.
  • Topps Bart Starr.
  • SP Tom Brady Rookie Card.
  • Topps Jim Brown Rookie Card.
  • Bronko Nagurski National Chile Rookie Card.
  • Tom Brady Playoff Contenders Championship Ticket Autographed Rookie Card.

What is the rarest football card 2021?

In March of 2021, his most valuable card ,the 2000 Playoff Contenders rookie, sold for over ONE MILLION. And that was for a BGS 8 grade. If you don’t have a cool mil to spend consider the card above. That one will only set you back around $150,000!

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