How quickly does mondo grass spread?

Standard mondo grass reaches a mature spread up to 1 foot wide within a year or two, but dwarf mondo grass needs two to three years under ideal conditions to reach its spread of 3 to 4 inches.

Is mondo grass a good ground cover?

Mondo grass is also known as monkey grass. It is an evergreen perennial that makes a great groundcover or standalone grass-like plant. These plants perform well in almost any soil and lighting condition.

What is the best time to plant mondo grass?

Best in early spring, but can be planted in the summer through early fall so that the plugs can root in before winter sets in.

Does mondo grass stay green all year?

Just like regular grass, it will remain green all year while adding a unique touch to your yard. Not only does this plant look great but are also incredibly easy to grow and maintain. Mondo Grass also grows slowly so you can tame it and reroute it where you want it.

How far apart should you plant mondo grass?

Mondo Grass Spacing Plant 4 to 12 inches apart in mass plantings or when planted as an edging. The closer you plant each plug, the faster it will fill in for complete coverage. You should also stagger between rows for the best coverage.

Do you cut mondo grass?

Mondo Grass does not require pruning though you can give it an annual pruning or mowing in late winter, before new spring growth begins to emerge.

Can mondo grass take full sun?

When it comes to light exposure, mondo grass is not too picky. The most common green varieties can take pretty much anything from full sun to full shade. Leaf coloring may vary slightly depending on the exposure, including light green to deep emerald. Full sun is essential for the deep black-leaved varieties.

Can you walk on mondo grass?

Dwarf mondo grass can tolerate being walked on every now and then, but regular foot traffic will destroy it. If you’ll need to walk through an area planted with mondo grass, install stepping stones or another type of path. The plant is moderately pet-friendly.

How far apart do I plant mondo grass?

Is mondo grass invasive?

Mondo grass isn’t a slow-grower everywhere, though. In the warm, humid Southern U.S., it flourishes so well it can easily become invasive. If you live in the South, talk with a plant nursery worker about mondo grass’ growth habits in your area.

How far apart should mondo grass be?

Mondo Grass Spacing Dwarf Mondo grass requires 3-4 inch spacing and the larger growing species need a spacing of 5-6 inches. If you use more plants, the area will get covered faster. You can separate the individual plants from the clump and they can be planted in the soil with the root covered completely in the soil.

Does mondo grass grow full sun?

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