How did Elizabeth Meet William Levy?

William met Elizabeth during the reality show ‘Novel Protagonists’ from Telemundo. The coexistence caused a great attraction to emerge between the two and the beginning of their romance was followed on the small screen by millions of people.

Is William Levy Puerto Rican?

William Gutiérrez-Levy (born August 29, 1980) is a Cuban-American actor and former model.

When did William Levy become famous?

William Levy started his career in the show biz industry as a model. He got signed by Next Models agency and was featured in two reality TV shows ‘Protagonistas de Novela 2’ and ‘Isla de la Tentación’ in the year 2003.

What nationality is William Levy?

William Levy/Nationality

Is William Levy and Elizabeth Gutierrez still together?

People En Espanol has revealed that William and Elizabeth have long ended their marriage, yet they are happy.

How old is Elizabeth Gutierrez?

43 years (April 1, 1979)Elizabeth Gutiérrez / Age

Where is Elizabeth Gutierrez from?

Los Angeles, CAElizabeth Gutiérrez / Place of birth

What is William Levy’s real name?

William Levy GutiérrezWilliam Levy / Full name

What’s William Levy doing now?

William Levy is returning to the small screen! But his next TV gig is not on a telenovela, as you might’ve thought. The Cuban actor has been cast to play a Latino media mogul in Fox’s series Star, and nobody is more excited than Levy himself, as he should be.

How tall is Elizabeth Gutierrez?

5′ 9″Elizabeth Gutiérrez / Height

How old is William Levy?

41 years (August 29, 1980)William Levy / Age

Is William Levy still married to Elizabeth Gutierrez?

The 41-year-old Cuban-American actor had reportedly announced his split from Elizabeth, his partner of 20 years, back in January, but the post was scrubbed from his Instagram account within minutes.

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