Can you install recessed lighting after drywall?

Remodeling recessed light fixtures are installed after ceiling installation and are supported by the drywall. Both types of recessed lighting are designed for insulated and non-insulated ceilings. It is very important that you choose the correct type of fixture to avoid a potential fire hazard.

How do you install recessed lighting with existing fixtures?


  1. Open the Fixture and Test for Power. Remove the dome or shade on the ceiling light, then remove all light bulbs.
  2. Remove the Fixture.
  3. Cut Out the Fixture Hole.
  4. Remove the Old Box.
  5. Connect the Circuit Cable.
  6. Connect the Fixture Wires.
  7. Install the Recessed Fixture.
  8. Turn On the Power.

Should recessed lights be wired in series or parallel?

You can wire them in any sequence. Do it in whatever way is the most convenient. The electricity doesn’t care, and doesn’t know the physical location of the fixtures. Household wiring is parallel, so there isn’t really a sequence.

Is it better to install recessed lighting before or after drywall?

Recessed lighting is easiest to install during new construction, but can be retrofitted into existing ceilings. Because recessed lighting is installed in the ceiling, it’s simplest to put in during new construction or a major renovation, before ceiling material goes up.

Can you add recessed lighting to existing ceiling?

Thinking about adding recessed lights or pot lights but don’t want to tear out your whole ceiling to do it? Luckily you don’t have to. With a little ingenuity and special remodeling housings, you can install a roomful of recessed lights or canister lights with minimal drywall tear-out and patching.

How hard is it to install recessed lighting?

How many recessed lights can you put on one switch?

30 lights
The main limitation on the number of recessed lights that a single switch can control is the rating of the circuit breaker controlling the circuit. Each incandescent or halogen 60-watt bulb draws around 1/2 amp, and therefore, standard lighting with a 15amp breaker can manage 30 lights.

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