What is the best slide on camper in Australia?

The Wedgetail
The Wedgetail remains at the top of the slide-on market in Australia, thanks to an unremitting commitment to being the best. By pursuing this policy Wedgetail has always had a long list of customers prepared to wait anything up to 18 months to get their camper.

Are slide on campers any good?

“Slide-on campers are a great option for couples who are looking to travel on and off road easily without compromising on the comforts. “It’s the perfect type of RV for those who dread towing, reversing, parking or setting up a caravan.”

Who makes slide on camper?

Trayon Campers – Slide on Campers Built Tough Trayon Campers have been an established Australian manufacturer for over 25 years and have now produced over 1000 campers.

How much does an active camper cost?

$ 64,500. Optional extras: 370 watt solar system with regulator $2,400. Lithium battery 240amp upgrade $1,250.

How do slide on campers work?

A slide on camper is simply a ute camper which slides onto the back of a pickup/utility vehicle that has a flat tray or platform it can be mounted on. In some cases, the camper might be a permanent fixture, while other designs allow for dropdown legs to be lowered to make the slide-on freestanding.

Which ute is best for slide on camper?

The best — and still vaguely affordable — 4×4 ute you can get for towing a camper (or putting on a slide-on camper) is the Hilux.

How much does a Millard slide on camper weigh?

So ute payload is vital for a slide-on: the slide-on here weighs 895kg, plus 60kg for water and about 15kg for a full 9kg gas cylinder.

Which Ute is best for slide on camper?

What is a slide-in camper called?

In the United States and Canada, truck campers are also known as truck bed campers, slide-in campers, pickup campers, and cabover campers. Europeans call them demountable campers.

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