How do you find Athena in Tales from the Borderlands?

How to unlock Athena in Tales from the Borderlands? You can unlock Athena in 2 ways. You could tell Springs that Athena loves her in Episode 04: Escape Plan Bravo, Chapter 02: Launch Preparations. However, you can also unlock her by not taking her shield in Episode 02: Atlas Mugged, Chapter 06: Bro or Bot.

Does Athena appear Borderlands 3?

With the inclusion of Salvador and Axton, the DLC has left Athena as the only Vault Hunter without a cameo in Borderlands 3.

Who is Athena in Borderlands pre-sequel?

Athena is an NPC in The Secret Armory of General Knoxx, and is the “Gladiator” class playable character in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. She used to be a Lance Assassin, even claiming to be the “top operative” of the Crimson Lance and a leader of an Omega Squad, but has since defected.

Is Athena good in borderlands the pre sequel?

She has two main bulds, Melee and Elemental/Gun Damage. Experiment with her, but yes she is good. Having ton of fun without using the melee tree.

Who is General knoxx?

General Alphonso Knoxx is the titular character of the third downloadable content pack, The Secret Armory of General Knoxx, serving as the main antagonist. He is also used as a marketing tool outside of Borderlands, where the character is played as a personality on Twitter.

Who is the secret character in Tales from the Borderlands?

Claptrap doesn’t appear in Tales from the Borderlands until the final episode, The Vault of the Traveler, if he’s hired to be a member of one of the Vault Hunters to combat The Traveler and gain access to the Vault….

Status Alive
Claptrap Gallery

Should I shoot Felix?

If you shoot him, he again blows up opening the case. If you tell him that there’s a bomb in the case, Felix will drop the money case and run away, resulting in the money blowing up anyways. Felix runs away and his fate is left unknown, if he wasn’t killed.

Is melee Athena viable?

She’s very viable with Melee, just not pure melee. She’s better off hybriding, abuse Tear and Omega Senshu to get big multiplicative damage on chumps, and have BLOOD RUSH.

Who is the best pre sequel character?

Lists of Borderlands Pre Sequel Characters for You

S.No. Name Special Skill
1. Athena the Gladiator Kinetic Aspis
2. Wilhelm the Enforcer Wolf and Saint
3. Nisha the Lawbringer Showdown
4. Claptrap the Fragtrap Vaulthunter.exe

Does General knoxx have a daughter?

Commander Knoxx, who will be a “key character” in the upcoming film, is the daughter of General Knoxx, who first appeared in the Secret Armory Of General Knoxx DLC for the first Borderlands game according to Game Informer.

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