Are Volvo warranties transferable?

Yes! Once a Volvo is certified, this designation stays with the vehicle. The warranty is fully transferable to the new owner at no charge for the remainder of its lifetime.

Is it worth buying a CPO Volvo?

TLDR; The Volvo CPO offering has a more extended warranty than most with unlimited mileage. The inspection process is thorough and safety focused. We recommend this program for anyone looking to get into a Volvo without paying new car prices.

What voids CPO warranty?

CPO programs specify that you follow the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule. Failure to do so could void your warranty. And you will need to have that routine maintenance work performed at a franchised dealer—just as you would with a new vehicle covered under the standard new-car warranty.

Can you extend Volvo CPO warranty?

Can I extend the warranty coverage on my Certified Pre-Owned Volvo? Yes! You can purchase additional coverage to a total of 9 years/125,000 miles by purchasing a Volvo Increased Protection CPO (VIP) plan through your authorized Volvo dealer.

Do warranties transfer to new owners?

While United States federal law dictates that the warranty is associated with the car and transfers to successive owners until the warranty’s expiration date, your car’s warranty is your individual contract negotiated with the dealer that sold you the car.

Does Chevrolet warranty transfer to second owner?

The Powertrain Limited Warranty is fully transferable with no fees or deductibles. The Chevrolet Volt, Bolt EV, and Malibu Hybrid warranty is transferable at no cost for subsequent owners within eight years or 100,000 miles. The Extended Limited Warranty is fully transferable.

Is Volvo CPO extended warranty worth it?

Whether the Volvo extended warranty is worth it depends on your vehicle and personal finances. Volvos have above-average maintenance and repair costs, so an extended warranty can be a smart choice for vehicle owners who want to avoid paying for repairs out of pocket.

How good is Volvo certified warranty?

Overview. Volvo’s certified pre-owned (CPO) warranty offers 5 years and unlimited miles of coverage from the car’s original sale date.

Is the Volvo CPO extended warranty worth it?

Are all warranties transferable?

So, if you buy a vehicle with an active warranty, it will remain intact until the end of the original warranty period. It’s important to remember that the active date of warranty is the actual purchase date of the car by the original buyer, not the model year of the car. So yes, the warranties do usually transfer.

Does factory warranty transfer to new owner?

Can you transfer warranty to new owner?

In most cases, the original owner of the vehicle will be required to contact the warranty company and provide authorization to transfer the warranty. Likewise, the buyer of the vehicle may be required to contact the warranty company and provide new personal and contact information.

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