What is Mel Gibson highest grossing movies?

Highest-Grossing Mel Gibson Movies

  • 7. ‘ Lethal Weapon 2’ — $227.9 Million.
  • 6. ‘ Lethal Weapon 4’ — $285.4 Million.
  • 5. ‘ Ransom’ — $309.5 Million.
  • 4. ‘ Lethal Weapon 3’ — $321.7 Million.
  • 3. ‘ What Women Want’ — $374.1 Million.
  • 2. ‘ Signs’ — $408.2 Million.
  • 1. ‘ The Passion of the Christ’ — $611.9 Million.

What is Gibson’s net worth?

Mel Gibson’s net worth is approximately $425 million. He got most of it as a producer and actor….Mel Gibson Net Worth 2022: Earnings, Car, Salary, Assets.

Net Worth: $425 Million
Name: Mel Gibson
Salary: $30 Million +
Monthly Income: $3 Million +
Date of Birth: January 3, 1956

Was Mel Gibson ever a billionaire?

People.com estimates Gibson’s fortune to be in the neighborhood of $1 billion (The Passion of the Christ, a labor of love project he directed and produced, pulled in $600 million at the box office, alone), which puts the split on track to be the richest celebrity divorce ever.

What is Mel Gibson best known for?

Actor Mel Gibson rose to fame as the star of the ‘Mad Max’ and ‘Lethal Weapon’ film series and later earned acclaim as the director of ‘Braveheart,’ ‘The Passion of the Christ’ and ‘Hacksaw Ridge,’ among other features.

How much was Mel Gibson paid Braveheart?

He went on to film Braveheart two years later, which earned him an Oscar for Best Director. In 2004, Gibson wrote, directed, and funded the controversial film The Passion of the Christ….Director and Producer.

Mel Gibson Salary Highlights
Mad Max $15,000
Summer City $400
Total $168,298,465

What was the last movie Mel Gibson directed?

His directorial comeback after an absence of 10 years, Hacksaw Ridge (2016), won two Academy Awards and was nominated for another four including Best Picture and Best Director for Gibson, his second nomination in the category.

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