What is the family Varanidae?

Varanidae is a family of lizards in the superfamily Varanoidea. The family, a group of carnivorous and frugivorous lizards, includes the extinct Megalania (the largest known lizard), the Komodo dragon (the largest living lizard), and the crocodile monitor.

What family is Komodo dragon?

Monitor lizardsKomodo dragon / FamilyThe Varanidae are a family of lizards in the superfamily Varanoidea within the Anguimorpha group. The family, a group of carnivorous and frugivorous lizards, includes the living genus Varanus and a number of extinct genera. Wikipedia

What is the common name of Varanus?

Monitor Lizards
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Order Squamata Oppel, 1811 – Amphisbaenians, Lizards, Snakes, amphisbènes, lézards, serpents
Suborder Autarchoglossa
Family Varanidae – Monitors, Monitor Lizards
Genus Varanus Merrem, 1820 – Monitor Lizards
Species Varanus salvator (Laurenti, 1768) – Common Water Monitor

What are the characteristics of a chameleon?

Other characteristics of chameleons include zygodactylous feet (with toes fused into opposed bundles of two and three), acrodont dentition (with the teeth attached to the edge of the jaw), eyes that move independently, atrophied venom glands that produce harmless trace amounts of venom, and a long, slender projectile …

What is the classification of a chameleon?

ReptilesChameleons / Class

What is the class of Varanus?

ReptilesMonitor lizards / Class

Which family do monitor lizards belong?

Monitor lizardsMonitor lizards / Family

How smart is a monitor lizard?

They are also considered the most intelligent of all lizards, when kept in captivity they can be trained to count to 6 and in the wild, they are able to remember where their hiding places are, specifically the various routes to get there.

What family does chameleon belong to?

family Chamaeleonidae
chameleon, (family Chamaeleonidae), any of a group of primarily arboreal (tree-dwelling) Old World lizards best known for their ability to change body colour.

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