Where are Crescent Moon snowshoes made?

Boulder, CO
We’ve making snowshoes for over 20 years here in Boulder, CO and that’s all we do. Quality: All of the Crescent Moon Series of shoes feature an aircraft grade aluminum frame and an extremely strong decking material that has great abrasion and tear resistance.

What is the best size of snowshoes?

25-27 inches
Snowshoe users who weigh 160-260 lbs will need a 30″ snowshoe, while those who weigh 180-300 lbs will need a snowshoe between 35″ and 36″ or an MSR snowshoe with flotation tails….Snowshoe Sizing.

Weight: Length:
80-160 lbs 21-23 inches
120-200 lbs 25-27 inches
150-260 lbs 30 inches
180-300+ 35-36 inches

Does shoe Size Matter With snowshoes?

The size of snowshoe you should get will depend on personal weight, age, weight of your gear, terrain, and amount of snow. The size of your shoe is a small factor, what really matters is getting a snowshoe the right size to keep you from sinking into the snow.

What snowshoes are made in the USA?

Modern Snowshoes Made in the USA

  • MSR. On their company website, Mountain Safety Research (MSR) claims that “the employees of MSR proudly build every snowshoe we make.
  • Redfeather.
  • Dion NeviTREK.
  • Northern Lites.

What is the meaning of a crescent moon?

Specifically, a crescent moon was known to symbolize womanhood, fertility, intuitiveness,psyche and empowerment. Maybe all the things that the goddess Selene might have wished for us.

What size snowshoes for 150 lbs?

22 inch
They are rated for the weight of the person. 20 inch youth models go up to maximum of 80 pounds, 21 inch snowshoes go up to 125 pounds, 22 inch go up to 150 pounds, 25 inch are rated up to 175 pounds, 30 inch shoes go up to 220 pounds, and 35 or 36 inch snowshoes are rated for over 220 pounds.

Where are Denali snowshoes made?

Manufactured in Seattle All MSR snowshoes have been made on-site in Seattle since the 1995 launch of the Denali Classic snowshoe.

Where are Atlas snowshoes made?

This year, all of Atlas’ snowshoes were built in China, and next year, this will be true for Tubbs as well. Part of the move has been driven by industry consolidation.

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